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Starfish and Worms

Hi all!
Happy post-General Conference high day!  =)  I feel like since coming on a mission, I live for hearing talks and spiritual teaching more than I ever did.  I loved Conference!  My synthesis of a few different talks for my big takeaway is thus: We defend our faith and take up the joyful burden of discipleship because it is the only load that can generate the spiritual traction we need to move forward keeping our covenants and coming unto the Savior.  I especially like the phrases “joyful burden of discipleship” and “spiritual traction.” 
So, the week!  On Monday we took an adventure to the convent and the abbey over west of us.  We met a nun with a very cool backstory!  She’s from Argentina and was engaged but broke it off to come devote her life to the Lord.  I admire her dedication.  And I rejoice that serving the Lord with all my everything and having a family are not mutually exclusive endeavors in our blessed religion and faith.
On Tuesday we taught Karen!  Karen has been in potentials for a while and we finally had a full lesson with her–she loved it!  Things went really well and we set up a regular teaching schedule with her!  I haven’t had that since Candi dropped us.  It feels good.
Wednesday was Zone training!  John 9:1-11 as it relates to new missionaries.  We all come into the mission “blind” and we learn to see as we progress.  Elder Moss (my zone leader for my whole mission) said that he’s a “neighbor” for me in my mission because he was there when I was “born blind” down in Liberty and now he’s seen me grow up on the mission. 
I don’t remember which day it was, but one morning we went running (because running on country roads at dawn makes Sister Rackham’s whole day just 100% better!) and S. Michaelson kept stopping to pick up worms off the wet road and throw them back into the field.  It reminded me of that story with the little boy and the starfish and the old man who tells him that it won’t make a difference.  The boy picks up another starfish, throws it in the ocean, and replies, “it made a difference to that one.”  I feel like that little boy sometimes.  There are so many people who need the gospel!  Try all of the people ever.  And we work so hard and invite all the time and so few accept or progress.  At times, I feel like we’re not making a difference.  And then a less-active member of the branch calls and says that he thought about it and he will help us with our open house after all and I think to myself, “It made a difference to that one.”  So we keep on throwing the starfish and worms back because it does make a difference.  Elder Holland said something like, “True Christlike love…makes a difference.” in his talk and I cried for joy because the Lord knows my heart and my effort and I trust that in ways I can’t see or that have yet to be revealed, what I’m doing here is making and will make a difference. 
A family we were very excited to start teaching, the Hayes, I think I mentioned them last time, decided that they don’t want to learn about the gospel after all.  That was heartbreaking.  And it rained all that day.  Heavenly Father was sad, too.  But it got me thinking about hope!  My hope is a firm little bubble wrapped around me that binds me to my Savior.  Things happen, disappointments and rejections, that try to take a sledgehammer to my hope.  And it doesn’t work!  I am saddened by people’s poor choices, but my hope is unshakable.  My hope endures bruising and beating, but it is never popped or sliced or compromised. Impenetrable hope.  Boom. (As Elder Westhoff would say.)
So, random story–this old man (like 93 years old) named Ed threw corn at me.  It’s pretty much hilarious.  I think he meant it in a nice way, like we’re buddies or something, but he pulled kernels off an ear of corn and threw them at my face.  Old people can get away with anything.  I think I’m still kind of in shock that Ed threw corn at me–Sister Michaelson said the look on my face was priceless.  Oh Missouri.  😉
Hurrah for Israel, y’all!  Keep fighting the good fight and trusting our good Captain!  I love you all!
Sister Rackham

The Healthiest Missionary in the ER

Hola! =)
First off, before I forget–maybe this is old news, but the Church is doing this video initiative for just one week where they’re airing a video called Because of Him.  It went up yesterday and is available thru Easter Sunday–here’s the link.  Daddy, would you please put it on my facebook once or twice this week?  Siblings and friends with facebook/email/other techy things currently denied me–wanna help make it go viral? =)  I can see this generating a lot of positive attention for the wonderful message that I’m out proclaiming every day. =)  Thanks y’all! 
So, the ER.  On our way back from zone conference down in Liberty, S. Michaelson says, “Don’t freak out, but my arm is numb and my chest really hurts and it’s been doing that on and off for a few days.”  I calmly instructed her to call the mission nurse–I was driving 70mph on the highway at the time.  She put up a mild stink about calling the nurse and said she’d be fine and I insisted so she did.  Sister Rassmussen told us we probably ought to get that checked out so we plug in “hospital” on the GPS and drive to the nearest one–Excelsior Springs, MO–tiny town, not much there, I’d driven thru it once or twice before for district meetings.  En route to the ER, S. Michaelson starts to have trouble breathing and the chest pain gets worse.  By the time we get there, I have to help her to the door and she’s pretty out of it.  It takes the ER people forever and a day to do anything–try an hour.  Good thing I know all her info and could fill out the paperwork because she couldn’t.  The elders came and gave her a blessing (very promptly, I might add) and finally someone (medical professional person) came to do something for her.  I was banished to the waiting room and only slightly freaked out at being companionless so I called some other sisters and had them keep me company.  Overall, it was a rather traumatic 2 1/2 hour ordeal.  And this is a second time in 3 months I’ve taken a companion to the ER so it was a little too familiar.  They ran an EKG and did x-rays and the final diagnosis is inflammation of the ribcage.  Weird, but treatable.  She’s been doing mostly better since then–no more loss of breathing, so that’s good!  Makes me really really, truly, and profoundly grateful for my health.  I’m the healthiest person I know, I think. 
Well, I had a miracle last week that I forgot to mention.  My companion, Sister Michaelson, has suffered from night terrors for her whole life so she’d be crying in her sleep all the time.  Last week, I prayed that if it was Heavenly Father’s will, she would be cured of these night terrors.  At first I was thinking, “Who am I to ask for something that life-changing?”  Better question, as supplied by the Spirit, “You’re her companion, aren’t you? You’re supposed to protect her from danger, aren’t you? So who are you not to?”  So I did.  And it worked!  She hasn’t had a nightmare since.  I think the real miracle though was Heavenly Father showing me that He was aware of me and would answer my prayers instantly if the occasion warranted.  And apparently it did. =) 
A few funny stories for my younger brethren: 
We were at the Bourlands’ house and after we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them (I have yet to meet two kids who are more stoked about reading the scriptures–those kids are amazing!) I asked, “Why do we have the Book of Mormon?” Michael, the 8-year-old answered, “To help us have faith.” At which point his younger sister, Tori, piped in, “And also, because God is a really great guy.”  I looked at Sister Bourland and we all laughed so hard!  Kids are the best.
I slide-tackled a trash can last Monday.  We went to joint-zone p-day last week and I was determined to go all out and make it worth the drive to spend time with other missionaries.  So I played basketball with the elders and the St. Joe sisters–3 sisters and about 12 elders–and the ball was going to go out and that was unacceptable so I tackled it on its way out, rolled midair, landed on my back and slid unto the trash can.  The ball went out anyway, but now I’ve been given the “duty to help other sisters p-day hardcore” by one of my zone leaders. 😉
We had a fabulous day yesterday!  Karen, our new investigator, brought 4 of her kids to church and they all LOVED it!  She’s coming to the RS activity on Tuesday and is very excited.  =)  She’s one of those people who I truly feel has been kept from the truth only because she knew not where to find it–and now she’s here! All the meetings yesterday were very uplifting and spiritual–and Karen participated a lot.  It seems like she already belongs. =) 
And Enrique is getting baptized in 2 weeks on April 26th.  It’s kind of a bittersweet thing.  He and Zenaida had wanted to wait until she came back with the kids so they could all be baptized together, but her son has been in the hospital in Mexico for a while, went into a coma on Wednesday, and things aren’t looking good.  Enrique always talks about how it’s a test of their faith, but how God provides miracles and they know God has a plan.  So since Zenaida might not be coming back for a while, they’ve each decided to get baptized where they are so they can have the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort them.  It’s not the ideal situation, but I know that partaking of the saving ordinances of baptism and confirmation worthily is always a good thing.  Their lives will be blessed by making this decision to move forward.  And I’m glad I’ll get to be here for his baptism. He has so much faith! 
Last thing–the sacrament is wonderful.  So worth whatever it takes to get to church.  Anybody reading this who hasn’t taken the sacrament in a while, go to church and partake.  Renewing covenants renews our spiritual life, renews our connection with Heavenly Father–separation from Him is spiritual death, so renewing the covenants that bind us to Him is spiritual life.  I love taking the sacrament because it reminds me how much my Savior cares about me and it reminds me what I can become because of Him.  This is His Church.  Know it. Live it. Love it. =)  And that’s the ticket to JOY unbounded, my friends. =)  LOVE you all!
Sister Rackham
pictures from our trip to the abbey/convent 2 weeks ago. =)




Spring Green

By the time I write this email, I’ve just read all the emails that y’all sent me so I’m all happy and thinking about how much I love you people so I can’t really remember what I was going to tell you this week.  Fortunately, we have planners!  And now that I think about it, we also had a great week!  So there’s good stuff to tell!

It’s WARM!!!  Tender mercies and the Lord loves me so much!  And even if it snows again like certain people (*cough* my companion) keep saying, I don’t even mind because it’s been warm for almost a week straight!  And there was a beautiful thunderstorm this morning and the whole world is turning my favorite color–green!–as if to say, “Dear Sister Rackham, You’ve been working hard all winter and now it’s time for you to see how much beauty this little place has to offer. Love, Heavenly Father”  But it’s in more than just the greenness of the grass.  Things are warming up in people’s hearts up here, I think. 

We visited a part member family this week, the Hayes, and talked with them about taking the lessons.  Brother Hayes hasn’t been active for a long time and his wife isn’t a member, but they are the kindest, most genuine and loving people!  I’d visited them before (they live about 45 minutes away on the far edge of the branch) and they were not open to spiritual discussions before.  They’ve seen some history channel shows about the Church and Joseph Smith and now they’re interested.  We told them that we teach the lessons so people can decide for themselves if they want to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ and receive those blessings and we asked if we could come back and start teaching the lessons and they said yes!!!  Sister Angle (one of the senior sisters–she’s going home soon and has spent all 18 months of her mission in the branch) loves this family and she’s so excited for us to teach them–she and I were just about crying when we got in the car we were so happy!  The Lord is preparing His children so lovingly and so individually–Katie said something like that in her email a few weeks back and I’ve been pondering it since–so true!

We also had a classic “new missionary/trainer” moment the other day.  😉  It was a gorgeous day, we were walking around Bethany, tried to visit a former that we’ve recently started working with again (Joe, Sister Bowden.) and he wasn’t home so we walked away and saw this cute family across the street getting ready to barbeque.  I start crossing the street towards them and say to Sister Michaelson, “Let’s go talk to them.”

“Do we have to?” (She fake whines about a lot of things, but she’s really a good missionary.)

“Yes, come on. And there’s a car coming so hurry up.” She puts a Book of Mormon in my hand as we’re hurrying across the street to “pass the buck” and make it my turn to lead out in talking to these folks.  We strike up a great conversation, this lady looked super familiar–turns out she was the nurse who directed us the night before when we’d gone to the hospital to visit an investigator.  Nicest lady ever, 3 cute little kids and the 4th due in October–they recently switched churches and they’ve met with missionaries before, read parts of the Book of Mormon before and liked it. “Can we come back on Tuesday at 3 to talk with your family more about this message and see how you liked that chapter we marked?” “Yeah, that would be great. See you then!”  Basically, it went as well as possible.  So as we’re walking away, Sister Michaelson says to me, “Ok, I guess you’re right with the talking to everybody thing.”  😉 

This week in companion study, we’ve talked about how structure is liberating and how the ultimate expression of individuality comes from choosing to be one with Christ’s light–those beautiful paradoxes of Christianity, and she looks at me like I’m crazy and I realize I sound just like Sister Forbush.  And I realize that I’ve grown a lot on the mission because I used to look at her like she was crazy.  Little did I know.  Little does Sister Michaelson know.  😉  I told her she’s going to write me a letter in about 6 months that says, “You were right about everything. I get it now.”  She laughed and said she probably would.  She’s a good missionary.  She pretends to put up a stink about stuff, but she trusts me and is obedient and really cares about the people we’re working with.  I’d love to bump into her in a few months and see how she’s changed.  She’s got major potential. 

And my epiphany!  When I write it down, it seems silly (Ether 12:24) but it was cool to me.  I realized in a conversation with Heavenly Father the other night, that the question is not and has never been, “Can I do this?” I can’t.  That is a well-established fact that He and I both know full well.  So my abilities and capabilities and talents are not a factor.  The success of the work of salvation in the Albany Branch or anywhere is in no way dependent on Sister Rackham’s skills.  Whew!  The question is, and has always been, “Will I trust the Lord and reach for His hand and say to Him every single day, ‘I’ll try’?”  And since the answer is always a resounding YES!  we’re doing great!  Let go and let God. True doctrine.  The success of the work of salvation everywhere is related to our faith, not our abilities.  (Duh.)  He is able to do His own work.  And when we are faithful and willing, we are able to help!  That’s the cool part.  So let us all press on in the work of the Lord! =) 

I love you all!  Have a good week!


Sister Rackham


1. Some of the sisters with me at the Far West bookstore a few weeks ago.


2. me with Sister Michaelson on her first day!


3. Last night, my new spring outfit that my mama and daddy sent me. =)



A lot of firsts at the beginning of the last…

Hello all!

Sister Rackham is back in the saddle with a new companion and a new transfer laid out before and she’s, in the words of that old jazz song Michael Buble sings, “feelin’ good.” But really.  There’s nothing like a new transfer, especially one that is, in all likelihood my last in my beloved branch, to rev one’s engine.  So finishing up last week when I was still in Cameron…

Pentecostal Bible study!  We actually went because this lady we met on the street invited us and it was awesome!  When we got started the first thing she said was, “Well, we all have testimonies, right? Let’s share those.”  So we did.  And then they mostly asked us questions and we taught bits and pieces of the lessons, mostly the Restoration (wonder why that’s the first lesson…?) as things came up. 

Kayla. That was the best first lesson I’ve ever been privileged to participate in.  Sisters Moody, Costello, and I taught in unity and Kayla (17 year old girl who is so ready!) asked good questions and really got it.  It was a beautiful thing to behold.  She’s getting baptized on April 12th. 

And then I came back to Albany with my new companion!  Well, I got to see a bunch of my wonderful mission friends on transfer day and that always etches a smile into my soul for the next few weeks. =)  And then I came home to Albany.  So, meet Sister Michaelson.  She’s from “Idaho Falls, Idaho.”  (Not to be confused with Idaho Falls, Nevada–I don’t know why she always says Idaho again, but she does.)  She’s 19.  She wears a potato pin on her shirt every day. She’s really good at role plays and LOVES animals–thank goodness! She can distract all the dogs so they won’t jump on me. 😉  This week, she met her first Baptist, saw her first Amish buggy and Amish people, saw a possum for the first time, and learned how to work a washing machine.  She asked me if we have a Seagull Book or Distribution Center out here.  She keeps me giggling. 😉  She reminds me of Katie when Katie was a little younger–very authoritative, but rather clueless.  It’s endearing and adorable.  I bit my tongue and did not laugh when she asked me to help her with the washer this morning.  She’s coming straight from the Mormon bubble and it’s going to be an interesting few weeks for her.  She’s very willing to work hard and she’s a boss at role plays.  She’s bold and fearless–that perfect naïve fearlessness–and I think Albany won’t quite know what hit them when she starts laying down the law.  We’re going to have fun together. =)

Coming back to my people in the branch was such a good thing for me.  =)  I love them so much!  And they’ve grown rather fond of me, too.  We showed up at the Haddocks to talk about their family mission plan and within minutes of walking in the door there were brownies on plates in our hands.  We left with a dozen and a half farm fresh eggs–delicious!  (Even though S. Bowden hates eggs, good timing, I guess.)  I felt like the favorite niece who had been away for a while and then came home.  I love these people!  I was talking to Sister Janssen about having a lesson “up at Mom’s house” because we live in her mom’s basement, but it was normal for me to refer to Sister Smith as mom, too.  Remember when I felt like I’d never belong here and that these people would never like me?  Well, maybe you don’t because why would I have told you that?  But I remember that and now it’s so completely opposite! =) 

Brother Haddock is on board with helping Enrique get the money for Zenaida’s plane ticket so we’ll get her and her kids back soon and then we’ll have a wedding and a baptism!  And, drumroll…. we saw Georgia and Lisa last night!  That bridge is mended and they said they’d come to church this Sunday.  Lisa hugged me and we’re friends again.  =)  It’s a really good day to be a missionary in the Albany Branch.  The transfer just started, but I can already tell it’s going to fly by and I’m really going to miss these people, but we don’t have to think about that yet.

This gospel is the most beautiful plan!  With all the tumult lately with my beloved Sister Bowden going home and the transfer and just missionary life at large, I’ve been thinking a lot about strength and stability and being anchored.  Jesus Christ is the best Friend anyone could ask for.  Period.  I am so deeply grateful that He has guided me through the things I’ve experienced lately because I’ve come much closer to Him. I know He loves me.  I know He loves the people I’m working with.  I know this is His work and that is why I know the work will not fail.  Success is in the invitation.  And for me, success is in accepting His invitation to come unto Him and to preach His gospel.  I love my life. And everything about being a missionary. 😉  Well, duty calls.  Onward then ye people, join our happy throng!  Hurrah for Israel!  May the God of hope guide you and protect you. I love you!

true in the faith,

Sister Rackham

I’ll send pictures next week.  Probably. Love you!

The Floater

Dearest people who are dear to me,

 This has been the strangest week of my mission.  And in the strangest times, you learn the most and grow the most.  My angel companion has been struggling with depression for years and the mental darkness intensified over the last few months so with much fasting and prayer, she decided that she needed to go home to get the help and care she needs to return to full capacity and come back out here.  Missionary work is a demanding kind of work.  I have the highest respect for her for making a selfless choice to brave the stigma of “going home” to get what she needed so she can serve the Lord with all her heart, might, MIND, and strength.  She’s a brave soul.  And I miss her a lot, but I feel at peace and I know the Lord is looking out for her.  (Also, Elder Holland’s talk, Like A Broken Vessel, has been a great source of comfort and strength to me.)

 So as of Wednesday morning, I’ve been a floater.  Heavenly Father loves me so He sent me to be in a trio with 2 wonderful sisters down in Cameron, Sister Moody and Sister Costello.  Sister Moody and I go way back to the MTC and she’s my hero.  Sister Costello and I have lived basically the same life so we understand each other really well and she knows all kinds of geeky music words so we can gab about MoTab and it’s a hoot. It’s the best possible solution for this situation and I feel very blessed and cared for. 

 Highlights of the week:

 TEMPLE!  I got to go for a sealing–the Hagans in the branch got sealed on Friday.  There’s always such a wonderful spirit in the temple.  I felt Heavenly Father’s love and peace so profoundly.  I knew that if I could feel that good, that at home in my Heavenly Father’s house, then I must be right with Him.  It was a powerfully validating feeling.

 Trainers’ meeting: I got a training call on Friday and since I wasn’t actually in Albany (and since S. Moody got one, too) we went down to the mission home for the trainers’ meeting on Saturday.  I trained S. Bowden, but never got to go to the meeting since we were too far north…  It was a very uplifting meeting.  I’m stoked to bring another new missionary up to Albany! =)

 Tawny: the 3 of us were street contacting in Cameron and we met this lady named Tawny–she’s a very interesting and opinionated Pentecostal. We had a good conversation with her and won her respect.  She invited us to her Bible study with some friends tomorrow so we’re kind of stoked about that.  Not sure how it’s going down, but we’ll go by the Spirit and find good souls who want to learn the truth, right? =)

 Studies.  I love studying the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon.  I finished it for the 6th time on my mission today. =)  What I read in Ether 12 earlier this week has been anchoring me.  Ether 12:6 “…no witness until after the trial of your faith…”  That means that your faith must be actually tried.  I think a few months sans filling up the font wouldn’t have tried my faith.  Hoping past that kind of disappointment is easy because it’s relatively short.  With everything that has happened (and everything that has not happened) the last 6 months since I left Liberty, has finally accumulated into what I feel justified in calling a trial of my faith.  In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to the point where I think it qualifies as trying.  So no wonder there hasn’t been some grand witness, and people getting baptized–my faith wasn’t really tried until now.  Thinking that it takes six months of near constant rejection and the like to try my faith makes me feel pretty good.  Anything less and it wouldn’t have phased me.  Now, don’t worry or anything–I’m still the unsinkable Sister Rackham and I’m not wavering or faltering or anything because that’s not how Rackhams roll.  Because, guess what comes after the trial of one’s faith?  Booyah!  We’re going to see miracles up here in these little towns.  My new missionary and I are going to “tear it up” in the words of my trainer. 😉  Six months in the area under my belt and we’re about to seriously be in baptizing business.  So yeah.  I’m stoked.  And happy and loving the work and loving my mission and LOVING the people.  Yesterday, we went to visit the Bourlands and I said, “I love Sister Bourland!” to which Sister Costello answered, “You love everybody.” And it made me smile.  Prayers work, people.  I’ve been praying to be able to love everybody and it’s working!!!  Next they’re all going to get baptized!  And finally recognize how much Jesus LOVES them!!  For being an awkward 3rd wheel companion all week, I’ve had a good time and felt real peace and joy.

 D&C 59:7-8 is the 2 “extra commandments” for the people in Zion.  Kind of a game-changer for me.  Check it out.  Love you all!  Keep the faith.  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


1. me with Sister Moody on exchanges last week.


2. Sister Bowden and me at AOA. Adam-Ondi-Ahman last Monday.

D&C 59:7-8

Hi y’all!

 So the highlights of the week!

 1) Sister Moody.  She and I came out together 10 months ago–crazy.  And we went on exchanges together last Tuesday and it was a beautiful and joyous day of miracles and extended “Let’s talk about the gospel” time all day between teaching and tracting and everything.  She’s a gem.  One in a million.  And I get to be her friend. =)  Going on exchanges with people you knew before is way fun!

 2) Amanda. We met her, taught her the Restoration and when we came back she said, “I don’t know what you girls did to me, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” We have another appointment with her and her husband tomorrow and I think we’ll talk about baptism quite a bit. =)

 3) Tori.  She’s 6 and the youngest kid in a less-active family we’re working with.  We were reading the Book of Mormon with them yesterday and I prefaced what we were going to read by telling them about that the sons of Mosiah, these 4 princes were the best missionaries ever!  (I was excited.) And Tori jumped in with, “Like you?!” And it just about made my whole mission.  Little kids are the best at making you feel like you’re making a difference.

 4) Victoria.  Less-active woman with a lot of health challenges who has been putting off quitting smoking for months now.  The Spirit was right the other right and we point blank asked her when she wanted to be done with it.  I was expecting her to say 2 weeks or something, but she said, “Before this pack is gone.” So we offered to take the pack away and chuck it.  She said we could because she’s starting her new life again.  Booyah!  Get thee behind us, Satan!  It was a great evening. =)

 5) Zone Training and my resultant resolve.  We talked about obedience hardcore.  My zone leader (who has been my zone leader for my whole mission) Elder Moss gave a training about obedience and being faithful in the little things.  He said to ask ourselves the question, “Am I too good for this rule?” and check ourselves humility/pride-wise to see where we stand. Lately I’d been reading the white handbook (for the trillionth time) marking the things I need to step up.  “Visits from family members…are against Church policy.” I wondered if I’d always feel bad about my family coming back in July.  It was good to see them, it didn’t distract me, but now I feel like I was trying to live above the rules because I’m so valiant.  Then on Sunday, my sweet grandpa called the branch clerk to arrange meeting me for dinner tonight.  I said yes! and then the handbook got really heavy and I felt like I was trying to live above the rules again.  So I changed my mind/heart/whatever.  And being a big kid and living by all the rules, even the silly ones that I don’t get/that feel like they were designed for someone else–isn’t fun.  Being a grown-up is hard.  And I don’t have faith in the “law” but I do have faith in my Lawgiver so I obey and expect blessings and miracles.  It’s not usually hard, but when it’s hard, then it’s more worth it. Yup.

 Also, it’s sunny and I’m happy.  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


Zero can be a good thing and a bad thing and a really cold thing.  Yup.  I have zero doubts about Christ being my Savior and about the Church being true and about the Book of Mormon.  I also have zero stamps so letters might need to wait for a week.  And it’s been right around zero degrees for several days. Gross.  My inner Wisconsinite is getting cold so we know it’s got to be way wicked cold.  But the light of the gospel is warm and joyous!

 Sorry this is rushed, today is joint zone p-day and we promised we’d go which means we’ll be driving for most of our p-day, but driving means talking with my compi and I like her so it works.

 This week was good!  Highlight: reconnected with Candi!  And Enrique and Pam came to church!  Church was nigh to be cancelled because we had a storm on Saturday night, but the branch president didn’t make the call soon enough so we had sacrament meeting and then he sent us all home.  So on a day when 1/2 the branch was snowed in and couldn’t make it, we had 2 investigators show up at church! =)  We’re teaching Candi the Word of Wisdom tonight while I’m on exchanges with S. Moody–pray for that one!  Candi loves tea and coffee and she smokes–but she also loves the Book of Mormon! 

 That’s all–sorry for a lame report.  Next week should be exciting!  We have 5 appointments already set for tomorrow–that never happens! =)  I love you all!  This work is legit and it makes people happy. =)  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham