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Prelude to the Adventure

I’m Hannah, but since I’m leaving on a mission in two weeks, most of the updates will be courtesy of my family.  I’m anticipating they’ll just copy and paste my emails home, so you’ll still hear from me first person style.  I’ll be serving in the Missouri Independence Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I report to the Church’s Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, May 8th and thus begins my 18-month adventure in the Lord’s full-time service.

I’ve been blessed beyond all reason to have come to a knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  While I’m on my mission, I’ll have the opportunity to share that gospel and its ensuing joy with many of God’s children.  The gospel has brought me such joy and peace and direction in my life.  I’m justifiably enthusiastic about sharing it. If you’re curious about this gospel of which I speak, go to

A little background beyond my missionary journeys… I’m the oldest of eight kids.  Since the three oldest in our family are close in age and since the age requirement for missionaries has changed, my little sister and little brother (both of whom are significantly taller than I) will also be serving missions in the next few years.  I grew up in Wisconsin and I’ve been attending BYU in Provo for the past three years studying music education.

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