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May 27, 2014

Dearest family & friends,
Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Grandma & Stephanie who share one of those things. =)  I hope it was a fabulous day.
Secondly, I was thinking about how cool it is when the line between family and friends gets kinda fuzzy and your friends babysit your little siblings while your folks go to California.  Thanks to MJ, Austin, and Elsie for that. =)
And now, the week in Zion!  I love it here.  And I love summertime.  I love being at the VC.  I love living in Blue Springs because it’s beautiful out there.  I love my companion.  I love all the fun, wonderful sisters and senior couples with whom I serve. I love the gospel! I love the opportunity to share the most precious truth I know with my brothers and sisters. Life is good.  (Kindia moment…)
On Wednesday, we had just about the rocking-est afternoon in our area EVER.  We contacted and taught SO MANY PEOPLE! =)  It’s weird going from full-pros to VC and having the area time reduced, but we work hard and the Lord blesses us to no end.  We met this lady from Wisconsin who totally opened up when I told her I was from Wisconsin–and once she said it, I could definitely hear it–that accent warms my heart, don’t cha know? 😉
Thursday was FABULOUS because guess why?  We went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Far West and the Liberty Jail.  The VC sisters go twice a year and I missed both trips last year so now I got to go and it was wonderful.  We got to go on the back roads at AOA where people don’t usually get to go.  For me, the highlight of the day was definitely the HLJ–“a scared spot where faith was tested and found sufficient.”  I hadn’t been there in so long!  The Spirit there is so powerful and it means a lot more to me now than it did then.  I learned a lot this past winter, I think the empathy thing comes into play here.  I am more grateful than ever for the Prophet Joseph Smith and his courageous companions for all they did to establish the truth.  It is true.  And Joseph really was called to do what he did–there was nothing but the glory of God in it for him.  And he kept his eye single to that glory.  If it weren’t true, he wouldn’t have gone thru everything he did for it.  The gospel is definitely true.
On Friday, we had interviews with President Keyes and it was wonderful.  Talk about walking on air.  Basically he said, “You done good, Sister Rackham, and I’m proud of you.” And he talked to me about sympathy & empathy and how I’ve been called here to serve these people because of my experiences and how I can empathize with them.  After our interviews, we got to visit with the Jennifer and Chris and I love them and I love picturing their baptism.  We met Jennifer tracting last week and gave her a Book of Mormon.  When we went back on Friday, she and her husband Chris asked all the questions they’d always wanted to ask some Mormons and we had a great discussion with them.  Most of it was centered on the plan of salvation.  It’s true and people know that when they hear it because they say things like, “See, that’s how I always believed it should be.”  So when we tell them that’s how it is, it hits them.  Look forward to more about Jennifer and Chris. Sister Hansen and I are really excited for them.
Terri tried to drop us on Saturday, but we stopped by anyway and she let us right in, said she didn’t mean anything she said in the text she sent, she was just confused, etc.  The Spirit reclaimed her. =)  We also brought Sapphire to the VC on Saturday–that was great!  It so wonderful having that place to teach people.  I’m completely spoiled rotten. 😉
Sunday was crazy.  “Cray” as Sister Hansen would say.  It’s a busy day for missionaries, but we accomplished good–never as much as we’re planning to or hoping to, but all the more reason to get up and go at it the next day, right? =)
And the next day was fun because we did exchanges!  I went with Sister Villanueva (from Peru) to the Riverview area where everyone speaks Spanish.  And Sister Taylor (from Texas) went with Sister Hansen around Blue Springs.  It was fun to be in a Spanish area for the day–I think I got a taste of Katie, Clayton, Ryan, and Brittany’s missions, and Dunn’s, too, just a different language–I understood about 85% of what was going on, could never find the words I wanted fast enough so all my contributions to the lesson where about 5 minutes late and I gave up on most of them because they were no longer relevant.  Definitely humbling, but way fun!
Which brings us to today! =)  We went to lunch with some of the other sisters–Sister Jorgensen goes home in 4 weeks and we have p-day together so basically I just want to do everything she and Sister Almodovar are doing because I’m going to flip when she and Sister Forbush leave.  Yup.  That’s still far away though.  But cool story–we went to get frozen yogurt this afternoon and Sister Almodovar and I were going to split one.  They have this things where if you get it exactly on the daily weight, it’s free.  We got it right on!  =)  It’s been a good day.  I also got a Jones Soda from the Gilbert&Whitney Store.  Yup, the Gilbert&Whitney Store.  It’s kinda like Williams Sonoma. And my life is super cool.
I tried to weave in my testimony throughout the email–in the mission we’re working on testifying throughout the teaching, not just at the end.  There’s just too much testimony to fit it all in one place.  For me, the gospel is pure joy!  Like Mom said, through covenants we get to hang on to all the joy and leave all the sorrow behind.  And like Clayton said, “it’s amazing!”  (I asked him what the coolest part of his mission was and he said that he has a testimony and it’s amazing. Love that kid.)  I know the gospel makes people happy.  Knowing that Christ loves me, that He paid the price for me, that He operates and directs His Church to administer and minister to my salvation and the salvation of the whole human family makes my heart brim with joy.  And I do know that.  I know it because He tells me and shows me through the Spirit every day.
I hope you all have a lovely week!  I love you dearly!
Sister Rackham


1. All the sisters on the AOA trip. =)

2. Sister Almodovar & me behind a tree near Preacher’s Rock at AOA.

3. Sister Villanueva & me this morning!  She cut and curled my hair today.



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