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MIM =) (for lack of a better subject line

May 27, 2014

Dearest family and co.,
It was sooo good to talk with you and see your cute faces and get the updates! =)  Christian, way to extend a commitment invitation–you can follow up next summer when we go to Lagoon. 😉
It’s been a good week!  But really, on the mission, most weeks are. =)  Because the work is so good!  Last Wednesday was mission leadership council and I got to go!  Sister Forbush and Sister Jorgensen were there and I felt like the little kid who just got invited to the grown-up table for Thanksgiving dinner. 😉  The focus in our mission this transfer is testimony.  The way President Keyes taught it, it strikes me now more than ever that testimony is our most effective weapon–it brings the truth and the Spirit to people’s hearts more than anything else.  There’s a beautiful promise in D&C 100:7-8 that I’ve thought about a lot lately–when we share the things we share in Christ’s name, in solemnity of heart–the Spirit will be shed forth bearing record of ALL THINGS whatsoever we shall say.  The Lord is giving us a blank check.  “Here, you go out and tell people what you know and more assuredly believe and I will send my Spirit, the 3rd member of the Godhead, to back you up 100%.”  Whoa.  The more I learn how much the Lord trusts His missionaries, the more I feel like  3 year-old who just got handed the car keys and the more I want to learn to handle the car/use this power well.  Last thought on testimony, D&C 58:59–a commandment for us in Zion, we must bear record, to testify is a commandment.  And obedience brings blessings.  So as we testify, we are blessed.  One of the blessings is the Spirit’s witness to our own hearts that the testimony we just shared is in fact true.
I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father is there.  He listens to my prayers and He answers them.  Jesus Christ is a real person and He is who He says He is–the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the World.  I love Him very much and I know this work is His.  I’m thrilled to be part of it.  I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is His Church, as evidenced by the name, and obviously the witness of the Spirit. The Book of Mormon is pure scripture and it’s my favorite book.  I’ve gotten for answers and more peace from it than any other book.  Truly it has brought me closer to God.  It helps me understand the big picture so I can understand and appreciate God more.  This is the real deal.  It’s true, it’s worth it, and it matters.
So, the week!  With so much time at the VC, I feel like we’re hardly in our area, but the time we do get there is packed full of miracles and wonderful people.  Like Terry.  The elders were teaching her a few months back and she didn’t ever come to church because she doesn’t have church clothes.  We met her my first week here and got her address, we stopped by last week but she didn’t answer the door.  Last night, we went over and she let us in, we talked about the gospel, the Church, the blessings, and she said she already knows it’s true.  She said she’d been praying the other day and really not having a good day at all, and then we knocked on her door.  She was too emotionally overcome to talk to us then so she didn’t answer.  But we were where we needed to be even though to us, it seemed like an unsuccessful attempt.  Last night, she accepted a baptismal date for early next month.  I know that the Lord prepares His children to receive His truth.
Random funny moment of the week: So Sister Hansen is one of those calm, cool, and collected people and I thought she was invincible.  Come to find out she’d been a little stressed this week (I figured she would be–been out for 3 months, taking over the area since I don’t know where things are yet, etc.) so she laughed at me for thinking she was all put together.  Flash forward to yesterday when it’s raining and we’re driving to dinner at a member’s home and neither of us knows where we’re going to I have pull a U-turn and you know how I make sound effects when I drive?  I made some funny noise so S. Hansen laughed at me and I told her it was my stressed driving noise so she laughed even more and we both realized we’re a little less than calm, cool, and collected sometimes–funny little companion icebreaker moment. 😉
Also, I got Shatto milk, Naked Juice, and chocolate cupcakes to celebrate my year mark.  Sister Moody and I were on shift together that day so we had the cupcakes together.  May 8th will forever be a day to celebrate.  =)  The mission is great.  Life is full.  The gospel is the BEST.
Sister Rackham
1. Sister Raymer, Sister Moody, and me–S. Raymer wasn’t on shift, but she popped in for a second. =)  Yay for chocolate cupcakes!

2. Our attempt at a zone picture at zone training last Friday.  We line up the cameras on the stage, set the timers, someone hits the buttons and we all run into place.  And it turns out like that. 😉  It’s S. Forbush’s last one!  And we’re back in the same zone. =)


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