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LIFE! (as in, This is the…)

May 27, 2014

Dear family & friends,

Hi! =) So one of the best parts of the week was a surprise visit from the MacDonalds from the Liberty 1st ward–they called to find out when Sister Jorgensen and I would be on shift together and came to see us and tell us the good news–their son got his mission call! =)  I get so excited about everything that involves missionaries.  I took 2 presentations at the VC this week of families of missionaries–one family had a son and a daughter who are both leaving within the next 2 months, sound kinda familiar?  And the other family was all returned missionaries–the parents and 2 daughters. So it’s been an extra-missionary-oriented week.  Love it.

The other best part of the week was the mission temple trip!  We got to go with President and Sister Keyes.  They taught us about families and testified about the importance and blessing of families.  I am so thankful for the temple and for the promise of being with you wonderful people forever. =)  At the VC, we have a video presentation called “God’s Plan for His Family” (It’s on Temple Square so you can go watch it if you want.) and it’s all about families, how we build happy ones, how we keep them forever, etc.  I get to watch it pretty much every day and the truths about eternal life as families hit me every time.  “Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.”  True doctrine.

Here’s the update on Terri, who was on date to be baptized in June.  She texted us on Sunday morning to tell us that she and her daughter have decided to convert to a different religion.  One of the elders who used to teach her said that this happens now and again and she’ll be back.  Hope springs eternal.  And the truth will always win.  I think that’s why hope springs eternal, actually.  We’ll miss her, but this is why we have an area book.

This week, I had an experience that helped me understand the Atonement better. I was talking to Sister Jorgensen about the adjustment from full-pros to VC life the other day.  It’s hard going from an area where you know everyone and you’re very comfortable to being the new kid on the block. She really understood me and where I was coming from and she could relate.  That night in my journal, I wrote, “Just knowing that someone who loves me so much understands me so well makes things better somehow.”  I stopped and read what I’d written and realized that that’s exactly how the Atonement works.  When we feel our Savior’s love and truly know He understands us, things feel better.  We feel healed because we feel understood and loved.  It has always been such a wonderful blessing in my life to have Christlike friends whose example and love draws me closer to the Lord.

This morning, we took our p-day adventure to Spain! Just kidding, obviously, but it looks like a little bit of Spain plopped down in the middle of Kansas City–beautiful fountains, pretty gardens, cute little shops and the like.  Good times all around.

I love being a missionary!  A handful of people who are very close to me are wrapping up their missions in the next 3 weeks and it’s making me really focus on how precious this time is.  I love being here.  I am so thankful for the gift of my mission.  Heavenly Father led me here and I thought I was sacrificing to serve Him, but I have received so much more than I could ever give.  It’s an eternal debt.  “Never can I repay Thee, Lord, but I can love Thee!”  And I do love Him.  Very much.  The gospel-centered covenant life is the life.  And I love it.  And you people.

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Rackham

probably I’ll plan my time better and send pictures next week, sorry!  They’re way cute pictures, promise!  Gardens and fountains and my sisters. Look forward to it.  =)  LOVE YOU!


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