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Hansen Rackham

May 27, 2014

Dearest family and friends,

Hello from the center place of Zion!  (Ok, really close to the center place of Zion.)  Transfers happened and I got moved down to serve in the VC–surprise surprise. 😉  I’m serving in the Blue Springs 2nd ward with Sister Hansen. (As the subject line implies.)  Davis, I think it’s sweet that my companion’s last name is Hansen because now we’re 2/3 of your name!  If only we were serving in Daviess County…  VC lfe works a lot like HLJ life, but we have our own car and we live with members–it’s the perfect blend of Liberty and Albany.  We live 20 minutes outside Inde so we drive through beautiful rolling hills every day and we saw deer yesterday morning from our back yard.  And we serve in these pretty little suburbs so there are people everywhere!  And stoplights with 3 colors!  And not nearly as many cows, but we do have a handful.  I love everything about my life here. =)

So, the VC.  It’s fun!  I feel like a new missionary (who is coming up on her year mark…) and that’s interesting, but I have to relearn the details of the history and how all the behind the scenes stuff flows here, but I’m getting the hang of it.  I’ve taken 2 solo presentations so far and had a ball.  Busy season at the VC is coming and I’m stoked! =)  I took this one couple through who are going to Jerusalem in a few months.  I drew them a map of the city and marked the places they should go–crazy how it all comes back when you need it.  Another thing I love about the VC is actually more than 20 other non-things–other missionaries!!!  Most of my sisters from my HLJ days are back at the VC so I get to see them again.  And I get to meet these fabulous sisters who I’ve heard about but not met until now.  Sister Jorgensen and Sister Forbush are both here!  As are Sisters White, Raymer, Moody, Jacobs, Thurston, Wood, and the whole crew!  It’s a blasty, basically.

And, my area!  Blue Springs 2nd is on fire!  Our first day as companions we found this girl who let us right in, wanted the whole first lesson, and agreed to be baptized at the end of the month!  And last night, we started a lesson by singing for our investigators and it brought the Spirit so powerfully–plus, we were teaching them lesson 3 from PMG which is all about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If I had to pick a favorite lesson from PMG, it would be 3, or 1, or 2.  Let’s just not pick a favorite…  Our bishop is super involved with the work and he introduced us to his neighbors on Friday.  I feel like this might be my last area and I think that would be ok with me.

As my year mark is approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am and where I would have been without the mission.  I would have had a happy life, it would have been fulfilling, and full of joy, and I would be living the gospel, keeping my convenants, and generally having it good.  I was on track for a beautiful life before I left.  And this mission is still the best thing I could have been doing for the past year.  I knew the gospel before, but now I know how to teach the gospel. (That was one of the things that made me nervous about being a mom–I didn’t have a clue how to teach the gospel, now I’ve had a year of practice, which is better than a clue.)  I knew my Savior before the mission, but now I know how to introduce Him to others.  And I know Him so much better now.  We were friends before, now we’re inseperable.  I knew Heavenly Father had a master plan before, now I’ve seen that plan in action up close and personal in the lives of people I was sent here to find.  I love my mission.  I love this gospel.  I love my Savior.  This is without a doubt the COOLEST, BEST, MOST WONDERFUL (and difficult and stretching) things He has ever asked me to do and it has been a privilege to do it!  Hurrah for Israel!  And we don’t even have been be all sentimental because the mission isn’t even close to over. =)

love and hugs and prayers,
Sister Rackham

1. Sister Hansen and myself


2. Sister Michaelson, Sister Rackham, and Sister Forbush (note the generation shirt S. Michaelson is wearing…)


3. Elder Fisihetau (from Liberty days, currently serving in the same ward as Sister J, again), the Laudies, also from Liberty, at the VC for a special presentation on temples, and me.





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