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May 27, 2014

That is wisdom from Sister Forbush.  I love that the people I’ve taken into my life are still a part of my life.  As my time in Albany is wrapping up, I realize again how much I detest goodbyes.  And that is why I love the gospel.  “There is no such thing as the end because of Him.”  That makes me want to jump up for joy and punch the air, you know?

It’s been a good week.  Zenaida is back from Mexico.  Karen’s family all joined us for our lesson on the Plan of Salvation and they had good questions. I got to go on exchanges down in Cameron and see Tawny–remember her?  (“snaps for Jesus” lady…?) That was fun!  I got to meet (and take a picture with) the head coach for the KC Chiefs.  And I’m losing my voice so I sound alternately like a man and like a chipmunk. Sister Michaelason keeps feeding me honey and lime juice, but I don’t think it’s working so I take cold medicine when she isn’t looking. 😉

The highlight of the week was definitely yesterday, though.  We had a potluck after church and TONS of people came!  Unity has been a main goal/focus for the branch and it was beautiful to see everyone come together like that and really enjoy being together.  And having so many people I love all in one place put me on cloud nine. =)  And then we came home to finish studies and it occurred to me that this is the end of my Albany time and I broke down and cried like a little kid.  Sister Michaelson made me hot cocoa.  If you had told me when I showed up here that I would love it this much and I would miss it this much, I would have nodded and smiled and said, “Yeah…” and now my heart feels like it solidly belongs up here with these good people.  I’m excited for new adventures and all, but I’m really going to miss this.  I wish you could just come be here with me so you could see and know what I mean.

This place has meant a lot to me.  I’ve actually grown!  I wrote a letter to myself in the MTC as if I were writing it at the end of my mission.  I went back and found that letter the other day and read it.  All the things I told myself I would learn and the ways I would grow, all of that is happening.  How did I know that? It’s weird.  But in a good way because it means I’m developing intentionally the way I want to.  I love my mission.  I love my Savior  I know He lives.  That’s really important.  I know He cares.  Also very important.  He can refine us and stretch us and engrave His image in our countenances if we let Him.  My goal for the rest of my forever is to let Him mold me into the best me I can become and I trust that He will–for me, and for all who ask Him to.  Ask and ye shall receive.

Random moment of beauty: Reading scriptures with a part-member family whom I love dearly, the Janssens, and their youngest daughter asks to choose the scripture. This sweet 7 year-old girl flips to Moroni 10:4-5 and reads it (with some help from her mom) aloud to us.  Her 15 year-old sister then gets really excited and turns to 3 Nephi 18:19-20 and bears testimony of God answering prayers.  This good man who hasn’t yet joined the Church has some of the most valiant examples of loving the gospel living in his own home.  He’ll come around someday.  I told him that.  Just waiting for that sweet “told you so” moment with them in the temple someday. =)

I love you!  Have a happy week!

Sister Rackham


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