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The Healthiest Missionary in the ER

April 16, 2014
Hola! =)
First off, before I forget–maybe this is old news, but the Church is doing this video initiative for just one week where they’re airing a video called Because of Him.  It went up yesterday and is available thru Easter Sunday–here’s the link.  Daddy, would you please put it on my facebook once or twice this week?  Siblings and friends with facebook/email/other techy things currently denied me–wanna help make it go viral? =)  I can see this generating a lot of positive attention for the wonderful message that I’m out proclaiming every day. =)  Thanks y’all! 
So, the ER.  On our way back from zone conference down in Liberty, S. Michaelson says, “Don’t freak out, but my arm is numb and my chest really hurts and it’s been doing that on and off for a few days.”  I calmly instructed her to call the mission nurse–I was driving 70mph on the highway at the time.  She put up a mild stink about calling the nurse and said she’d be fine and I insisted so she did.  Sister Rassmussen told us we probably ought to get that checked out so we plug in “hospital” on the GPS and drive to the nearest one–Excelsior Springs, MO–tiny town, not much there, I’d driven thru it once or twice before for district meetings.  En route to the ER, S. Michaelson starts to have trouble breathing and the chest pain gets worse.  By the time we get there, I have to help her to the door and she’s pretty out of it.  It takes the ER people forever and a day to do anything–try an hour.  Good thing I know all her info and could fill out the paperwork because she couldn’t.  The elders came and gave her a blessing (very promptly, I might add) and finally someone (medical professional person) came to do something for her.  I was banished to the waiting room and only slightly freaked out at being companionless so I called some other sisters and had them keep me company.  Overall, it was a rather traumatic 2 1/2 hour ordeal.  And this is a second time in 3 months I’ve taken a companion to the ER so it was a little too familiar.  They ran an EKG and did x-rays and the final diagnosis is inflammation of the ribcage.  Weird, but treatable.  She’s been doing mostly better since then–no more loss of breathing, so that’s good!  Makes me really really, truly, and profoundly grateful for my health.  I’m the healthiest person I know, I think. 
Well, I had a miracle last week that I forgot to mention.  My companion, Sister Michaelson, has suffered from night terrors for her whole life so she’d be crying in her sleep all the time.  Last week, I prayed that if it was Heavenly Father’s will, she would be cured of these night terrors.  At first I was thinking, “Who am I to ask for something that life-changing?”  Better question, as supplied by the Spirit, “You’re her companion, aren’t you? You’re supposed to protect her from danger, aren’t you? So who are you not to?”  So I did.  And it worked!  She hasn’t had a nightmare since.  I think the real miracle though was Heavenly Father showing me that He was aware of me and would answer my prayers instantly if the occasion warranted.  And apparently it did. =) 
A few funny stories for my younger brethren: 
We were at the Bourlands’ house and after we read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them (I have yet to meet two kids who are more stoked about reading the scriptures–those kids are amazing!) I asked, “Why do we have the Book of Mormon?” Michael, the 8-year-old answered, “To help us have faith.” At which point his younger sister, Tori, piped in, “And also, because God is a really great guy.”  I looked at Sister Bourland and we all laughed so hard!  Kids are the best.
I slide-tackled a trash can last Monday.  We went to joint-zone p-day last week and I was determined to go all out and make it worth the drive to spend time with other missionaries.  So I played basketball with the elders and the St. Joe sisters–3 sisters and about 12 elders–and the ball was going to go out and that was unacceptable so I tackled it on its way out, rolled midair, landed on my back and slid unto the trash can.  The ball went out anyway, but now I’ve been given the “duty to help other sisters p-day hardcore” by one of my zone leaders. 😉
We had a fabulous day yesterday!  Karen, our new investigator, brought 4 of her kids to church and they all LOVED it!  She’s coming to the RS activity on Tuesday and is very excited.  =)  She’s one of those people who I truly feel has been kept from the truth only because she knew not where to find it–and now she’s here! All the meetings yesterday were very uplifting and spiritual–and Karen participated a lot.  It seems like she already belongs. =) 
And Enrique is getting baptized in 2 weeks on April 26th.  It’s kind of a bittersweet thing.  He and Zenaida had wanted to wait until she came back with the kids so they could all be baptized together, but her son has been in the hospital in Mexico for a while, went into a coma on Wednesday, and things aren’t looking good.  Enrique always talks about how it’s a test of their faith, but how God provides miracles and they know God has a plan.  So since Zenaida might not be coming back for a while, they’ve each decided to get baptized where they are so they can have the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort them.  It’s not the ideal situation, but I know that partaking of the saving ordinances of baptism and confirmation worthily is always a good thing.  Their lives will be blessed by making this decision to move forward.  And I’m glad I’ll get to be here for his baptism. He has so much faith! 
Last thing–the sacrament is wonderful.  So worth whatever it takes to get to church.  Anybody reading this who hasn’t taken the sacrament in a while, go to church and partake.  Renewing covenants renews our spiritual life, renews our connection with Heavenly Father–separation from Him is spiritual death, so renewing the covenants that bind us to Him is spiritual life.  I love taking the sacrament because it reminds me how much my Savior cares about me and it reminds me what I can become because of Him.  This is His Church.  Know it. Live it. Love it. =)  And that’s the ticket to JOY unbounded, my friends. =)  LOVE you all!
Sister Rackham
pictures from our trip to the abbey/convent 2 weeks ago. =)





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