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The Floater

March 17, 2014

Dearest people who are dear to me,

 This has been the strangest week of my mission.  And in the strangest times, you learn the most and grow the most.  My angel companion has been struggling with depression for years and the mental darkness intensified over the last few months so with much fasting and prayer, she decided that she needed to go home to get the help and care she needs to return to full capacity and come back out here.  Missionary work is a demanding kind of work.  I have the highest respect for her for making a selfless choice to brave the stigma of “going home” to get what she needed so she can serve the Lord with all her heart, might, MIND, and strength.  She’s a brave soul.  And I miss her a lot, but I feel at peace and I know the Lord is looking out for her.  (Also, Elder Holland’s talk, Like A Broken Vessel, has been a great source of comfort and strength to me.)

 So as of Wednesday morning, I’ve been a floater.  Heavenly Father loves me so He sent me to be in a trio with 2 wonderful sisters down in Cameron, Sister Moody and Sister Costello.  Sister Moody and I go way back to the MTC and she’s my hero.  Sister Costello and I have lived basically the same life so we understand each other really well and she knows all kinds of geeky music words so we can gab about MoTab and it’s a hoot. It’s the best possible solution for this situation and I feel very blessed and cared for. 

 Highlights of the week:

 TEMPLE!  I got to go for a sealing–the Hagans in the branch got sealed on Friday.  There’s always such a wonderful spirit in the temple.  I felt Heavenly Father’s love and peace so profoundly.  I knew that if I could feel that good, that at home in my Heavenly Father’s house, then I must be right with Him.  It was a powerfully validating feeling.

 Trainers’ meeting: I got a training call on Friday and since I wasn’t actually in Albany (and since S. Moody got one, too) we went down to the mission home for the trainers’ meeting on Saturday.  I trained S. Bowden, but never got to go to the meeting since we were too far north…  It was a very uplifting meeting.  I’m stoked to bring another new missionary up to Albany! =)

 Tawny: the 3 of us were street contacting in Cameron and we met this lady named Tawny–she’s a very interesting and opinionated Pentecostal. We had a good conversation with her and won her respect.  She invited us to her Bible study with some friends tomorrow so we’re kind of stoked about that.  Not sure how it’s going down, but we’ll go by the Spirit and find good souls who want to learn the truth, right? =)

 Studies.  I love studying the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon.  I finished it for the 6th time on my mission today. =)  What I read in Ether 12 earlier this week has been anchoring me.  Ether 12:6 “…no witness until after the trial of your faith…”  That means that your faith must be actually tried.  I think a few months sans filling up the font wouldn’t have tried my faith.  Hoping past that kind of disappointment is easy because it’s relatively short.  With everything that has happened (and everything that has not happened) the last 6 months since I left Liberty, has finally accumulated into what I feel justified in calling a trial of my faith.  In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to the point where I think it qualifies as trying.  So no wonder there hasn’t been some grand witness, and people getting baptized–my faith wasn’t really tried until now.  Thinking that it takes six months of near constant rejection and the like to try my faith makes me feel pretty good.  Anything less and it wouldn’t have phased me.  Now, don’t worry or anything–I’m still the unsinkable Sister Rackham and I’m not wavering or faltering or anything because that’s not how Rackhams roll.  Because, guess what comes after the trial of one’s faith?  Booyah!  We’re going to see miracles up here in these little towns.  My new missionary and I are going to “tear it up” in the words of my trainer. 😉  Six months in the area under my belt and we’re about to seriously be in baptizing business.  So yeah.  I’m stoked.  And happy and loving the work and loving my mission and LOVING the people.  Yesterday, we went to visit the Bourlands and I said, “I love Sister Bourland!” to which Sister Costello answered, “You love everybody.” And it made me smile.  Prayers work, people.  I’ve been praying to be able to love everybody and it’s working!!!  Next they’re all going to get baptized!  And finally recognize how much Jesus LOVES them!!  For being an awkward 3rd wheel companion all week, I’ve had a good time and felt real peace and joy.

 D&C 59:7-8 is the 2 “extra commandments” for the people in Zion.  Kind of a game-changer for me.  Check it out.  Love you all!  Keep the faith.  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


1. me with Sister Moody on exchanges last week.


2. Sister Bowden and me at AOA. Adam-Ondi-Ahman last Monday.


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