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D&C 59:7-8

March 10, 2014

Hi y’all!

 So the highlights of the week!

 1) Sister Moody.  She and I came out together 10 months ago–crazy.  And we went on exchanges together last Tuesday and it was a beautiful and joyous day of miracles and extended “Let’s talk about the gospel” time all day between teaching and tracting and everything.  She’s a gem.  One in a million.  And I get to be her friend. =)  Going on exchanges with people you knew before is way fun!

 2) Amanda. We met her, taught her the Restoration and when we came back she said, “I don’t know what you girls did to me, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” We have another appointment with her and her husband tomorrow and I think we’ll talk about baptism quite a bit. =)

 3) Tori.  She’s 6 and the youngest kid in a less-active family we’re working with.  We were reading the Book of Mormon with them yesterday and I prefaced what we were going to read by telling them about that the sons of Mosiah, these 4 princes were the best missionaries ever!  (I was excited.) And Tori jumped in with, “Like you?!” And it just about made my whole mission.  Little kids are the best at making you feel like you’re making a difference.

 4) Victoria.  Less-active woman with a lot of health challenges who has been putting off quitting smoking for months now.  The Spirit was right the other right and we point blank asked her when she wanted to be done with it.  I was expecting her to say 2 weeks or something, but she said, “Before this pack is gone.” So we offered to take the pack away and chuck it.  She said we could because she’s starting her new life again.  Booyah!  Get thee behind us, Satan!  It was a great evening. =)

 5) Zone Training and my resultant resolve.  We talked about obedience hardcore.  My zone leader (who has been my zone leader for my whole mission) Elder Moss gave a training about obedience and being faithful in the little things.  He said to ask ourselves the question, “Am I too good for this rule?” and check ourselves humility/pride-wise to see where we stand. Lately I’d been reading the white handbook (for the trillionth time) marking the things I need to step up.  “Visits from family members…are against Church policy.” I wondered if I’d always feel bad about my family coming back in July.  It was good to see them, it didn’t distract me, but now I feel like I was trying to live above the rules because I’m so valiant.  Then on Sunday, my sweet grandpa called the branch clerk to arrange meeting me for dinner tonight.  I said yes! and then the handbook got really heavy and I felt like I was trying to live above the rules again.  So I changed my mind/heart/whatever.  And being a big kid and living by all the rules, even the silly ones that I don’t get/that feel like they were designed for someone else–isn’t fun.  Being a grown-up is hard.  And I don’t have faith in the “law” but I do have faith in my Lawgiver so I obey and expect blessings and miracles.  It’s not usually hard, but when it’s hard, then it’s more worth it. Yup.

 Also, it’s sunny and I’m happy.  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


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