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March 3, 2014

Zero can be a good thing and a bad thing and a really cold thing.  Yup.  I have zero doubts about Christ being my Savior and about the Church being true and about the Book of Mormon.  I also have zero stamps so letters might need to wait for a week.  And it’s been right around zero degrees for several days. Gross.  My inner Wisconsinite is getting cold so we know it’s got to be way wicked cold.  But the light of the gospel is warm and joyous!

 Sorry this is rushed, today is joint zone p-day and we promised we’d go which means we’ll be driving for most of our p-day, but driving means talking with my compi and I like her so it works.

 This week was good!  Highlight: reconnected with Candi!  And Enrique and Pam came to church!  Church was nigh to be cancelled because we had a storm on Saturday night, but the branch president didn’t make the call soon enough so we had sacrament meeting and then he sent us all home.  So on a day when 1/2 the branch was snowed in and couldn’t make it, we had 2 investigators show up at church! =)  We’re teaching Candi the Word of Wisdom tonight while I’m on exchanges with S. Moody–pray for that one!  Candi loves tea and coffee and she smokes–but she also loves the Book of Mormon! 

 That’s all–sorry for a lame report.  Next week should be exciting!  We have 5 appointments already set for tomorrow–that never happens! =)  I love you all!  This work is legit and it makes people happy. =)  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


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