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The BEST Un-expected day of my whole mission!

February 18, 2014
Are you curious? =)  It was Thursday, February 13, 2014.  Who knew?  I definitely didn’t see this one coming.  Maybe I should have, but let’s not judge me for not being super perceptive, ok? 😉
It was Zone Conference and Elder Martino of the 70 was speaking so I knew it was going to be a great day.  But neither of the Independence Zones would be there so I wouldn’t get to see any of my VC sisters.  So we’re all having the traditional bagel breakfast and all of a sudden, Sister Forbush shows up out of nowhere! She’s in Independence so I didn’t think she would be there.  VC sisters have to finagle things a little sometimes with shift schedules so she was!  I got to see my Sister Forbush! =)  And then, hope beyond hope, my other mission mama showed up and I got to see Sister Jorgensen!  If that had been all, it would have been a fabulous day.  But it gets better. =)
I asked Sister Jorgensen and Sister Sommer what was going on in Liberty with my people and they wouldn’t tell me anything about the Burchs.  No one from Liberty had emailed me in forever and I was feeling all lonely on the north side of the mission.  Sister Jorgensen mentioned that John and Lisa might be there at the conference and that made it really hard to focus on the conference–it was fabulous though and I took good notes and studied the notes afterwards so don’t worry, I got spiritually fed that day.  When we had the break for lunch, I was running around with Sister J trying to find them and we did!  I got to see Sister MacDonald and the Burchs!!  There was so much joy and so many hugs and it honestly felt like the Celestial Kingdom just decided to happen in the Liberty Stake Center around lunchtime on Thursday–that’s how happy it was seeing these people I LOVE!  But it gets better!!!  Lisa asks me, “So can we steal you for a minute to share our good news?” I answer, “Yeah, I’ve only been waiting ALL DAY!” So we go into the kitchen–we meaning the Burchs, me, Sister J, and Sister Sommer–and the Burchs pull their TEMPLE RECOMMENDS out of their wallets and Lisa starts singing, “We’re goin’ to the temple and we’re gonna get married!”  I’m laughing and all but crying and Sister J and Sister Sommer are taking pictures and holding me up because I was seriously weak in the knees from so much JOY!  People, this was the coolest moment EVER!  =)  We talked to them about it all the time and Sister J and I always said we’d fly back–but they’re getting sealed in April!  So I’ll be here!  I cannot wait for that blessed day!  “Oh happy day!” As Sister J would say. =)  So, the amount of joy that has been processed through my little self just reached a new high.  Missions are the BEST.  The gospel is the BEST.  Being with people you love forever because you’ve all chosen to follow Christ completely is the BEST.  I LOVE this.  =)
That pretty much takes the cake.  There were other cool things about this week, but those are the kind that get cooler with time so I’ll tell you later.  I’ve been bouncing off my chair for the last 4 days waiting to publicize this joyful news.  Oh happy day!!!
“Now what do we hear in the gospel which we have received? A voice of gladness…!” -D&C 125:19
I love you folks.  I love this gospel.  I love my Savior and I love being among His missionaries to bring the world His truth and His JOY!
Sister Rackham
1. John and Lisa (Mama and Papa Burch–they’re fixing up their spare bedroom so I can move in after the mission), me, Sister Jorgensen in my favorite church kitchen ever.  Those 2 are THE miracle of our collective mission.  If they are the only reason I came to Liberty, MO and served with Sister J–it’s more than worth it.  We did other good things, too, but they alone would have been worth it.
2. The Burchs, me, Sister Jorgensen, and Sister Sommer in front of the temple.  Sister Sommer was with Sister J after I left. Keeping things good in Liberty 1st. =)  



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