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February 4, 2014
Dear family and friends,
You people are fabulous, you know?  I have kind of a rough week and I come to my email on p-day and get totally floored with love and happiness and it’s a delight.  Flashback to Liberty Jail: Joseph wrote that the “voice of inspiration whispers, ‘My son, Peace be unto thy soul'” after he receives soothing letters of comfort from his friends and family.  Yup.
Ok, so it’s been a one of those weeks.  My companion has been sick for a LONG time.  This week was a lot of doctor visits and a trip to the hospital to get her pumped full of fluids.  Now I get to be the water police and make sure she drinks a few bottles a day.  We’re having a friendly competition.  I always win.  Thanks to my voice teachers.
The upside of the week was definitely church.  We’re still subbing in Primary since the music leader person is sick and that’s a ball!  I love little kids and music.  Go figure. 😉
Also, today was a whole lot of fun!  We went to the Bethany town square and meandered for a bit.  There’s a cute shop–Liberty-esque, reminded me of the good ol’ days with Sister Jorgensen when we would wander the Liberty Square on p-day.  And we found Hope Royale–it’s this rehab place that had a restaurant so we had lunch there and talked about Jesus with our waiter/cook–tres cool.  And then the lady in charge told him not to listen to us at all.  People can be really rude sometimes and not even subtle.  But blessed are we for being persecuted for His name’s sake.  I’ve been chewed out a few times on the mission, but last night was the worst.  A less-active member called us and yelled at us for a little while and forbid us from ever coming over or talking to anyone in her family.  We’ve only been teaching her daughter for 6 months–her daughter got baptized in Nov.  And thus we see that a people once having been enlightened by the truth become hard-hearted after the turn away.  (Paraphrased…)
Hope springs eternal.  And since my hope is in He who changest not, I shall never be really disappointed.
Other fun part of today before I go back to spiritual–we tried to find the Amish store between here and Bethany but we got lost so we drove around gravel, snowy roads on a beautiful sunny day and laughed about all kinds of things.  There are a lot of cows out here and I really love cows.  I think cows count as a tender mercy.
Life is full of those, the tender mercies.  And you know why?  Because Heavenly Father loves us.  And He’s in charge so that’s how it is. =)  Such knowledge gives me hope and courage every day.  It’s real, folks  Know it, live it, love it.  And when it isn’t all that “fun” hang on, because, in the words of my dear friend Sister Call, “It only takes 5 seconds for the Lord to grant you a miracle.”  True doctrine.  And it can be fun even when people chew you out.  Such is the happiness and joy of the gospel.  Unconditional joy. =)
I love you all! Hurrah for Israel!
-Sister Rackham
Moroni 8:3

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