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“I know the Love of God.”

January 22, 2014
Hi all! =)
So, exciting news!  We finally (after weeks of not seeing them) reconnected with our miracle Mexican investigators!!!  We stopped by and found them both at home!  Enrique works for several days at a time in Oklahoma and he was only home for less than 24 hours and Zenaida is usually at work, but she was home!  We got to talk with them and make firm plans for their marriage and baptism.  They get it.  Things have been going kind of slow and sporadic with them, but the reasons behind that are financial, not spiritual. A wise father once told his 16-year-old daughter who had just crashed his car that, “If it’s a problem money can solve, then it’s not a problem.”  And the branch is stepping up to help buy them a marriage license so they can get married and baptized!  I can’t even tell you what a HUGE blessing it is for me to have been able to teach these good people.  They are so well prepared and they read the scriptures like thirsty people who really want to get something out of it.  Enrique told me he’d been reading the part of Doctrine and Covenants where Joseph Smith is in prison and he loved it!  I marked Section 121 for them because 1) it’s from Liberty Jail and 2) they need it. And they read it!  And the comments they make are so profound and real.  Zenaida talks about how she the path of God is like this treasure and she wants to be in it all the way, but she can’t until she’s baptized.  She said the most beautiful thing–I had her say it twice so I could write it down. “Conozco el amor de Dios y, para mi, es riquesa.”  which means, “I know the love of God and for me that’s riches.” 
Those two wonderful people are the highlight of my week, possibly more than the week if things work out the way we hope for their marriage and baptism.  Other interesting things: we found a lawnmower garden.  In this tiny little town called Worth, there are about 50 old, broken, rusty lawnmowers all over this one yard.  Only here.  And we met a new investigator at a service project–her name is Gypsy and when we started teaching about the Book of Mormon, she asked for a copy. “I’d be really interested to read that.”  So cool!
We’re going down to Cameron this afternoon for p-day with the Liberty North zone and exchanges with Sister Moody and Sister Costello.  Sister White will be there so I’ll get to see 2 of my MTC sisters today! =) 
And this week was really good in terms of studies and prayers.  You know how sometimes you just feel more spiritually alive than other times?  This week has been very revitalizing for me.  I love prayer.  I love being able to tell my Heavenly Father everything and I love that He listens.  I know He does.  I love being able to find answers and comfort and strength in the scriptures.  They truly are written to us and for us from our loving Heavenly Father through His prophets.  I love feeling the Spirit.  I love being able to fulfill my covenants by bearing the burdens of those around me.  And then I love realizing that Christ bears all of them for all of us.  I’ve come to care very deeply about all the people in my little branch out here in the middle of nowhere and I think about them ALL the time.  People face very real and very difficult challenges.  And people make choices that aren’t always in their own best interest.  And when you love people, it’s hard to watch them struggle.  Hence the bearing of one another’s burdens.  I had started to feel a little overwhelmed with how much I love these folks, how much I want to lift them, and how weak I actually am.  (S. Bowden and I arm wrestled.  I won lefty. Lost big time righty. Tangent.)  Anyway, I took this to the Lord last night in prayer and He helped me feel better.  I was too tired for answers, I just needed comfort.  He gave me what I needed.  And this morning in my study, I found answers!  Mosiah 24:13-14.  Alma’s people are being oppressed by the Lamanites and the Lord promises to “ease the burdens” that have been put on their shoulders.  He tells them that He knows the covenants they have made and that He will help them so they can testify afterwards that the Lord does visit His people in their afflictions.  The Lord knows that I have covenanted to bear the burdens of my brothers and sisters and that I have promised to be “all in” and give everything I am to building up His kingdom and taking care of His children.  He knows how heavy the burdens are.  He knows I’ve promised to help carry them.  And He gives me the strength I need to help them carry their burdens.  I hope maybe some of that made sense.  It always sounds better when it’s just mulling around my soul non-verbally, but that’s not very communicative.  I guess the big idea comes back to what Zenaida said, “I know the love of God.”  I do.  I know He loves me.  I know He loves the people I teach.  I know He loves the other missionaries here and around the world.  I know He loves my family and friends.  I know He loves all people.  Hence the gospel.  =)  It’s a good plan.  I hope you all come to know the love of God more deeply this week.  I love you!
Sister Rackham

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