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Paw Prints in the Butter

January 13, 2014

Hi all!  Happy Monday!

So there’s more to my week than the subject line entails, but it was kind of a slow/weird week.  Happy and good, but also slow and weird–don’t ask me how that works, but it does!

Last Monday we went down to PC for zone P-day and then I stayed down yonder in St. Joseph with Sister Harman for exchanges!  We found 3 new investigators and had a ball and there was good teaching and learning both ways–exchanges are nice because they refresh your perspective and when you get back to your area you’re all pumped to be the best missionary ever! Again!  Renewal is my favorite thing ever.  (Lech, thanks for that email about how we never stop being born again.  I wrote that in my planner and think about it often.)

On Wednesday we had a really cool finding experience. Back up to Tuesday night.  I was praying for our investigators and I felt like I was forgetting about someone–a middle aged woman with a kind face and light colored hair.  But we hadn’t met her yet so I went to bed with a really good feeling about finding this woman soon. Wednesdays we have district meeting in St. Joseph (driving and driving and driving) so we only had so much time in our area that evening.  I handed S. Bowden the map of Albany and asked where our new investigator was. She pointed to a street and we drove over there, parked the car, and started knocking doors.  The first one was outright rejection, not very nice.  And the second one was Brenda, this middle aged woman with a kind face and light colored hair.  She let us right in and we had a nice visit.  She committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and meet with us again on Saturday, which she did. =)  Golden.  With her, it will be slow and steady, but she’s still golden.

Thursday took S. Bowden down to Independence for a special conference for visa waiters.  Sister White’s companion is also a visa waiter and Kearney is on the way to Independence so we did a mini-exchange for the day.  I got to work in Kearney with Sister White!!!  =)  She and I came out together and it was pure joy to reconnect and talk about what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown and how much we love missionary work–our whole conversation ALL day was so uplifting and happy.  

And then my companion got strep. =(  So we got her some meds and some rest and had a super effective weekly planning session even though she wasn’t feeling good enough to leave the house all day Friday.  The Lord blesses us in ways we aren’t always expecting.  I needed that weekly planning session–again, renewal.  I think you hit a point where it feels kind of like going thru the motions and you need to get it in gear again and this weekly planning got us in gear in a big way.  Not that we were slacking, but the renewal is real.

And now, the story you’ve been waiting for…  Guess what I learned?  I’m afraid of mice.  Who knew, right?  They’re nasty little critters and they live in our house.  The way our study table is set up, S. Bowden faces the kitchen and I face outside.  The other day she was looking over my shoulder and whenever she does that it means that the mice are running around. I asked her, “Ok, where is it?” “By the bread.” “It’s on the counter?!?!” I kinda freaked out.  I whipped around in time to see it flee.  Rushing over to the counter, I threw away the heel of the bread–it was in a bag, but dirty by association. And then I looked at the butter dish.  More closely than I ever had before and sure enough, there were little tiny mice feet prints ALL over it.  Threw out that butter pretty quick, too. (S. Forbush, there was only a little left-gag-so I don’t feel bad, plus there were mouse tracks in it! But you taught me well to not waste food.)  Honestly, I had a hard time focusing on studies that day.  And the next day I woke up 45 minutes before the alarm to the sound of a little mouse gnawing on the wall.  I lay awake for a while.  And tried to scare it off without waking my companion.  When the alarm went off, I set all 4 traps S. Doolittle left in various parts of the house.  This morning, we heard squeaking under the sink.  Mice like peanut butter.  So do I, can’t blame the little guys–but they fell for the peanut-butter baited glue traps.  I threw the mouse away and now I’m having a slight ethical dilemma.  Dad, want to absolve me?  So that’s the story of Sister Rackham discovering and countering and then mulling over one of her weird little fears.  So glad I’m serving stateside.  I’m a pansy.

On the flip side, getting back into missionary mode–Candi is doing SO GREAT!  She loves the Book of Mormon and she’s going to bring her atheist friend to church with her next week and she’s helping us reactivate her best friend who’s a member.  How cool is it when your investigators help you find and reactivate people?! =)  And we had a lot of less-actives at church this week!  I was off the wall excited. I have really grown to love these people and this place SO MUCH!  I didn’t really like Albany when I first got here and I can admit that now because I LOVE it now. =)  I think mostly that has to do with the fact that I get to serve these people and teach them the gospel.  And it might have something to do with the fact that one of the branch members offered to lend us their cat to get rid of our mice–these Midwestern folks have our back. =)


S. Rackham =)


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