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White Christmas

December 24, 2013
Hi all!
So, it’s been another interesting week in rural northwestern Missouri!  I never realized this when I was younger, but snow can be a big deal.  Especially when 6-8 inches of it dumps overnight on top of ice-covered roads.  We spent Saturday and Sunday stuck inside due to the crazy weather.  Well, we went out on Saturday and then got a call from our zone leader telling us to get home fast.  We were in Bethany, 1/2 hour away from home and it was freeze raining, so we drove slow and carefully, but directly home.  And, blessings for obedience!  We called about a million people on the phone.  Sound familiar?  Yeah… But this time we found some new investigators!  We’re going to start meeting with this family.  The wife/mom died about 2 months ago from cancer and this family has been hurting a lot.  In talking to the father on the phone, he sounds ready for “the peace of God which passeth all understanding.” 
We also had an interesting teaching experience this week.  We were grabbing lunch at Wendy’s really quick before our appointment and at a booth across from us we heard these people having a really intense discussion about the scriptures and about finding the truth.  Naturally, we went over and talked with them and it started out as what felt like a really nice conversation.  They were really nice people.  And then, the most talkative of the bunch said, “You two are really precious.” and went on to basically say he hoped we would continue seeking truth and not just believe what we’ve been taught to believe.  This man had a way with words, he was educated in the sophistries of men, so to speak.  He and his friends weren’t real seekers of truth.  They were a lot of hot air and when two messengers of God’s restored truth came to them and told them point blank what was true, they rejected it.  Subtly.  When we got back in the car, S. Bowden and I talked about how nice it feels to be the simple and weak things of the world.  Our God has entrusted the spreading of His truth throughout the world to people like us who have never heard of the “psychological model of God” because we don’t need that.  We need truth and we have been given truth.  And now we need to share the truth.  The Church is true.  And even though I’ve been raised in it and I really haven’t known anything else, I know it is true.  I’ve seen enough of a lot of “else” to know that the rest of it isn’t true and I know this is.
On a lighter, more holiday cheer note–Merry Christmas all!  =)  We’ve got a beautiful blanket of snow here and even though our Mexican investigators’ baptism is being postponed slightly, we’ll count that towards our white Christmas in the font. =)  And while we were stuck inside yesterday, several members of the branch came by bearing treats! We felt very loved.  And I love this little branch. =)  And I love all of you!  And Christ loves all of us!  And we get to live and love His gospel every single day!  What a thing to celebrate, huh? =) Be merry and of good cheer! =)
Sister Rackham

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