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Nuestro Dios es un Dios de Milagros!

December 9, 2013

Hi everyone!

 So, translation: Our God is a God of miracles!  It’s true.  And I’ve seen miracles.  So continuing with the saga of our Mexican investigators–the hang up was marriage.  No wedding, no baptism.  But guess what!?  You don’t need social security cards to get married in Kansas!  You just need birth certificates!  So our dear ones, Zenaida and Enrique are planning to travel down to Kansas City, Kansas for Christmas and get married so they can get baptized at the end of the month!  Praying for miracles in faith really works.  Sister Bowden and I sang all the way home from Bethany! 

 Other delights of the week:  it was Sister Bowden’s first exchange!  She went with Sister Spivey.  I used to serve with S. Spivey down in Liberty so it was nice knowing my irmazihna (that’s Portuguese for “little sister” I like to add “mihna” at the end so it’s “my little sister” and in sounds cool!  The “hn” is like an n~ in Spanish.) would be in good hands.  And I was with Sister Low.  First time I’ve ever exchanged with the same sister twice.  I was having an off day, so I wasn’t really feeling so great, but Sister Low is a champ!  Plus, maybe this is bad, but my favorite part of exchanges is how much more you love your companion when you get her back.  =)  It’s good to have Sister Bowden back with me.  I prayed her here and I like it when she’s here. =)  It’s amazing how well the Lord knows us and what we need.  At this point in my mission, I really need Sister Bowden and the Lord knows that and He loves me so He pulled some strings with the Brazilian consulate to delay her visa for me.  Yup.

 We also had our branch Christmas party this weekend!  Huge turnout!  Despite the absolutely frigid weather.  I sang “O Holy Night.”  I think that song will always remind me of my Grandpa Hadfield playing and singing at Christmastime.  The acoustics in that little chapel are really fun. MJ, I wish you were here so we could jam–hymn/Christmas song style, naturally.

 Last night, we were placed in a very specific place  at a specific time to literally save someone’s life.  I think that’s only happened to me two other times.  We went to Sister Francom’s for dinner and right when we got there I could tell something was off, but it was almost normal enough that I thought I was imagining things.  She got progressively more out of it until she started losing her balance and falling into walls.  I called Sister Angle to ask what was going on/if we should take her to the hospital.  She instructed me to give Sister Francom some hard candy and see if it helped.  Sister Francom is diabetic and sometimes crashes like that.  I gave her a sucker and she perked right back up into herself and had no recollection of the time we’d been there with her during her crash.  It’s scary to think what might have happened had we not been there, but wonderful to know that the Lord is watching over all of His children and directing us where to be to help them.

 We had stake conference this weekend–Elder Marcus B. Nash came to reorganize our stake presidency.  Great talks!  And there was a very powerful spirit at the meetings.  I had one of those resoundingly clear, “This is where you are supposed to be and this is what you need to be doing now.” moments.  It felt really good.  The Lord is so aware of His children.  He knows what they need and how to meet their needs.  All of them.  Everywhere.  It’s amazing.  And that word doesn’t even begin to cover it.

 Keep the faith, dear ones.  I love you all!  Merry Christmas!


Sister Rackham


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