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The Robles Family

November 25, 2013


 Ok, I just want all of you to know that I don’t ALWAYS have the best week ever, but it’s been happening lately.  And this week was another really great one! =)  But we also had a crazy ice storm and had to spent 20 minutes chipping ice off our car one day this week and we’ve had the exact same meal at every house we’ve visited this week.  Just so you know that I’m being real here before I go off into missionary happy land where every week really is the best. 

 So, last Tuesday we had our first lesson with one of our new investigators.  She’s 35, has a bunch of kids, owns a beauty shop, is putting herself thru nursing school, nicest lady ever.  We teach her the Restoration and when we explain about baptism she says,

 “That whole one right way, priesthood authority thing kind of bothers me.”

  “Why is that?”

 “Because… what if you’re right?”

 “Would that be a bad thing?”

 “No, I guess not.  I’d just have to get all my kids over there and get them baptized again.”

 This woman gets it.  Her husband isn’t quite as open/on board yet, but people change.  Her name is Candy.  =)  I love her a whole bunch and Tuesdays are now my favorite days (besides Sundays) because we get to teach her.

 Tuesdays are also the days we get to teach… drumroll please… (Sister Jorgensen, you’re going to LOVE this.)  the Robles family!!!  Yup, we found a family whose last name is Robles.  That’s only cool if you’ve seen the training videos for missionaries.  Sister Jorgensen and I watched the one about the Robles family together and we’d talk about how we wanted to find our own “Robles Family.”  And tada!  They actually found us.  Remember that mystery phone call from last week?  Yup.  And they both want to get baptized.  December 14th.  Enrique speaks a little English, but Zenaida doesn’t.  So we bring members of the branch who speak Spanish and I do my best.  SIster Bowden isn’t supposed to speak Spanish because it will mess with her Portuguese so mostly I do the teaching.  These are such good people!  They came to church, couldn’t understand anything that was said, but they felt it.  And the branch loves them already!  So I get to teach the gospel in the same language as my little brother and sister. And my parents.  While I’m in rural northwestern Missouri.  Who knew? So cool!

 Sister Bowden and I have WAY too much fun together all the time.  This girl is a champ.  She’ll work hard all day long and it doesn’t even feel that long because we laugh all day.  She understands my Megamind quotes.  Actually, she understands ALL my movie quotes.  She’s stumped me once, but I haven’t seen Star Wars in ages.  We really aren’t focused on such Babylon entertainments, but sometimes saying, “I know something you do not know! I am not left-handed!” is the best way to get the point across.  We’re focused, we’re working hard, and we’re having the time of our lives.  I love her so much!  She’s like a wonderful early Christmas present from Heavenly Father. =)

 I am very happy.  And very thankful!  “Happiness is a thankful heart.”  True doctrine.  This is God’s work.  He will accomplish what needs to happen and when we’re lucky (read: obedient and worthy and blessed) we get to help.  I love being a missionary!  My dear Sister Jorgensen sent me a letter with this scripture in it last week and it’s my new mantra:

 “Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might have everlasting life.” -3 Nephi 5:13

 Amen!  Know it, live it, love it!  =)  I love you all! Keep the faith!


Sister Rackham


1: Jane, me, and Sister Bowden outside the temple–we went on Saturday to do baptisms with Jane.  It was wicked cold outside and Jane was about ready to shoot me if we tried to take one more picture… 😉  She got to be baptized for her mom and sister!


2: Sister Bowden and me with one of the “treasures” we found while cleaning our apartment this morning.  Excuse the hair, it usually looks better than that.  Scrubbing showers and floors for a few hours can do that to hair, I guess.



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