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November 18, 2013

I might come home from my mission tri-lingual.  My new companion is destined for Brazil when her visa comes so we study Portuguese together every day. =)  And we might be teaching a family in Spanish this week so I’ll brush up on that, too.  So much for stateside, English-speaking. 😉

It’s been a really wonderful week!  Firstly, meet Sister Bowden.  She’s my new companion and I love her to pieces.  Think Lexie Parker with dark hair and that’s Sister Bowden.  She’s even from Texas. =)  We have way too much fun together and we work hard all day long and I love it so much!  This place is drenched with opportunity and Sister Bowden and I are going to wring it out. =)

A few highlights: 

We went to the Bourlands last night and when little Michael saw us thru the window his face lit up and he ran to the door.  Before we were even sitting down he had his Book of Mormon in hand and was reminding us we needed to start with a prayer.  His little sister Tori said the prayer, we read together, and Michael said the closing prayer–thanking Heavenly Father “that the missionaries could come teach [him] about the gospel.”  My heart absolutely melted.  Those kids live in a rough home. And they can feel the light of the gospel so they get excited whenever we come over.  Michael is eight. Tori is six. 

Sister Bowden and I had our first Restoration lesson together last night, too.  We taught a family!  A real one, with parents who are married and kids who have gone to church with a family in the branch before.  Feeling the Spirit testify while we shared what we know and watching things slide into place in these good peoples’ hearts is right up there with watching Michael jump up to answer the door.

And, our Spanish family!  This is a cool story–Sister J, this one made me think of you.  So it’s Sunday morning and we’re getting ready to leave when the phone rings.  I ran to get it, hairbrush in hand, and I missed it. Zenaida.  This same person who is saved in the phone under Zenaida called last Sunday but we missed it then too.  We called back and the number was out of service.  Mystery. I was intrigued.  We call back and they answer!  In Spanish!  His name is Enrique, he’s Zenaida’s husband, and they want to come to church!  My rusty Spanish starts clicking and I stammer out the address of the church.  I also remembered how to say Tuesday so we set an appointment for Tuesday at 2.  How often do people call us saying, “Iglesia?” This is a first–people don’t call in English to ask to come to church!  Hopefully next week I can send you the latest on our Spanish-speaking investigator family.  =)

The work is progressing.  It’s going forward faster and faster and we all get to be part of it.  I have found such peace and joy and healing in the service of the Lord.  “There’s surely somewhere a lowly place in earth’s harvest fields so wide where I may labor through life’s short day for Jesus the Crucified.”  I am consistently and constantly overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that I have been allowed to labor here in my Savior’s service.  I LOVE being a missionary.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I pray for you all every day.  Keep the faith, find the joy, share His love.


Sister Rackham


The first is a “generation” picture.  Sister Forbush trained me and now I’m training Sister Bowden.  Sister Jorgensen stayed in Liberty so she wasn’t at transfers so she’s not there.  No empty chairs!


The second is my MTC sisters who came out with me–first time we were all together in 6 months.  We were all at transfers this time and now 3 of us are training, maybe 4–I dunno if S. Vance is or not…


And last is my beautiful new missionary, Sister Bowden this morning as we studied.  We made transfer goals and signed them with highlighters.  Super legit. 😉


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