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Update from Pattonsburg… and Albany, and Platte City…

November 11, 2013

So time is short, as always, and you wonderful people gave me such good news and delightful things to read that now time is even shorter–thank you for thinking of me and writing me such encouraging and loving letters.  Hearing from you is more joyful than you know. (Unless you’ve been a missionary in the middle of nowhere before.)

So this week had some adventures!  On Tuesday we were supposed to spend the night with the sisters down in Platte City because we had a conference early Wednesday morning and we live far away.  On our way down, we stopped by to go to an appointment with an investigator in Pattonsburg.  We took a wrong turn and ended up on a dirt road.  It had been raining for 2 days so it was a mud road.  We got stuck pretty good and called our investigator to see if he could come help us.  He came and got his 4 wheel drive truck stuck right alongside our car.  We called his neighbor who came with the tractor to get the truck out.  The car stayed stuck until Friday when the sun had taken care of the mud.  Crazy!  We didn’t make it to Platte City that night, but we made it to Liberty for the conference.

The conference was a JOY!  I love seeing my mission friends!  In six months, these people have come to mean the world to me.  It was so good to be with them again!  I can only imagine how good it will be to be with you all again, too! 

Georgia’s baptism was this week!  35 people came!  That’s a lot for Albany.  And at church, we had 130 which is crazy unheard of HUGE!  A  less-active we’ve been working with came as did Joe–he’ll be getting baptized soon.  I told him that and he laughed, but he knows it’s true. =)

The work is good.  I got choked up this morning thanking Heavenly Father that I can work. Serving the Lord with everything I’ve got is such a joy and a privilege!  I got a phone call on Friday to inform me that I will likely be training a new missionary this transfer.  That’s exciting and humbling and is going to help me kick it into gear and be better and more and stronger.  I’m happy.  I love this work.  It’s real.  And it’s JOY!  I love you all!


Sister Rackham


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