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November 4, 2013

Hi y’all!

 So this week has been good!  We started it off with a p-day field trip last Monday to the Abbey–there’s this huge, gorgeous, Jerusalem-esque abbey out in the middle of rural northwestern Missouri–who knew?  It’s beautiful and I took pictures and I’ll send some next week.  My camera is in the car at the dealership getting an oil change.  The car is, not the camera. Ha. =)  I think they schedule the oil changes when they know I’m going to be in the area driving the car.  😉

 Let’s see… Halloween!  President Keyes didn’t want us out if we didn’t have appointments and we didn’t so we came home at dusk and watched Special Witnesses of Christ and popped popcorn and had some candy.  The Smiths, whose basement we live in, gave us a little goody bag of treats and… HONEYCRISP APPLES!  There was much rejoicing in my Wisconsinite heart.  Sister Doolittle doesn’t understand the difference between types of apples so she just rolls her eyes at my preferences, but it’s cool. =)  Californians, what can you do? 😉 (Yes, Steph–that was for you.  And Dad, but you hardly count as a Cali anymore…)

We’ve been visiting a lot of less active members to help them come back to church.  Some of them actually came this week!  Never as many as I hope will be there, but hope exists to elevate relaity, right?  And it was really good to see those who came be there. =)  Everybody has a reason for not living the gospel and not coming to church and not doing those things that make them happy.  And everyone is blessed when they overcome those and live the gospel anyway.  I read a talk yesterday–it’s called “The Fourth Missionary” and it’s a life-changer.  But one of the lines was, “Life is hard; the gospel isn’t.” Amen!  Following Christ is the easy way.  Dad would always say, “Now, you can learn things the easy way or the hard way.”  And the hard way involved getting tangled up in all kinds of heartbreak and misery and icky stuff.  The easy way involves discipline (being a disciple) and following Christ.  The gospel changes people.  It’s real and it’s powerful and it’s amazing!

We’ve got to go, sorry it’s short today!  I love you all!  If anyone wants to send me a letter and include some stamps, that would be much appreciated!  Love you!


Sister Rackham


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