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22 – 6 – 14.

October 28, 2013

Twenty-two years on earth. Almost six months on my mission. And fourteen years since my baptism.  It’s a time of milestones.

 Thanks for all the birthday love and support and happiness!  I felt pretty much like a celebrity when I opened my inbox today.  So this might be short since time is short…  I feel the love. =)  And then I get to thinking about all of you people who I love so so much!  I don’t have time to write how much I love all of you individually.  I wish I could just come over and sit and have cookies and milk with every one of you and tell you how special you are to me.  But we’ll have to rain check that for when I get home.

 I had a delightful birthday!  Sister Angle made apple pie and chicken enchilada soup.  I got cards from my mission friends and the mission office and packages from my friends and family.  Elder and Sister Stevenson came up to drop off my parents’ package and they stayed for dinner and pie.  =)  Earlier in the day we got to sing at a nursing home and then Sister Angle had all the seniors sing Happy Birthday to me–I blushed, but it was really sweet.  It was sunny all day long!  And I didn’t even wear my coat (as in the coat that Sister Jorgensen gave me) in the afternoon because it warmed up nicely.  Heavenly Father loves me and granted my birthday wish for sunshine. =)


 Other news:  the branch Primary program was this Sunday and it was so cute!  But it was also more than cute, it was tender and profound and touching and enlightening.  Childhood is the best time to learn the gospel.  Those kids sing it with such fervor and truth.  I love it!  Thinking that I was once right there singing with the rest of the kids and now I’m here is crazy.  I’m so glad my parents taught me the gospel in my childhood.  It’s true and it matters and it’s worth it.  Hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham


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