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Darlington and Evona

October 21, 2013

So, firstly–“Hark All Ye Nations” takes on a whole new meaning when you’ve a brother serving a mission in Chile and a sister serving her mission in Spain.  So cool! I’m so proud of those two and so honored to be related to them.  Yup, those are MY hermanitos. =)

 Nextly, is not a word, but it was fun to say.  Saturday.  My whole update could just be Saturday because it was such an epic day.  Maybe you’ll hear about other parts of the week, too, though.  Ready?

 Our area is HUGE and has a bunch of little tiny “towns.” So we decided to make Saturdays our “let’s go tract little tiny towns” day.  We kicked off our day by driving down to Darlington.  It is actually rather darling.  I was charmed.  Our first contact was the super nice man who was chopping wood for winter with his sons.  Wholesome. Midwestern. Loved it.  He’s the Baptist minister for Darlington.  He’s also our new investigator.  We sort of felt like Parley P. Pratt and like he might be our Sidney Rigdon.  So cool!  We’ll see where that goes.  I always get excited about things too soon, but I feel like it’s a healthy habit so I’ll keep getting unreasonably excited anyway.  After him, we had a bunch of rejections and had some interesting (not fun) conversations with several closed-minded people. It happens.  Then we saw our RS president’s car outside the post office so we went it to warm up/use the rest room and chat with her for a minute.  She’s great!  The faithful members out here are so solid! So few, but so solid! =)


 The next small town on our list was Evona.  Most towns have a sign that says how many people live there, ex. Darlington, pop. 113.  Evona doesn’t. Evona was a nightmare come true.  But it gave us good stories.  We got charged and barked at by 2 huge dogs, came within 2 ft of this HUGE snake.  Sister Doolittle and I were both hyperventilating and she couldn’t move for a minute she was so scared.  We fought thru some brush to get to a house (that turned out to be abandoned) and S. Doolittle encountered a poisonous plant that gave her this nasty rash on her hand.  We finally got to talk to a person!  She offered us ointment for S. Doolittle’s rash, found out who we were/what we believe and then rescinded her offer and sent us packing.  On the way off her porch, I got stung by a bee.  I’m mildly allergic to bees.  I had thought so, but now I know so.  It’s been swollen and itchy and red since, but it should heal up soon.  We both decide that we are so done with Evona so we get back in the car, try one more door on the way out, get charged by the second of the huge dogs who then pees on our car.  And the family wasn’t even home.  So that’s Evona.  Not at the top of our list for return visits.  But we’re laughing about it now.  Funniest part: the scripture that I read to pump us up before we even got there was Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” 

 Ending on a high:  we took Jane to President’s Devotional last night where she bore a beautiful testimony.  And Mercedes and Sister J were there so I got to see them. =)  And today, S. Doolittle and I had a super great breakfast, picture to follow, and we’re carving pumpkins. =)


 Until next week, my dear ones!  I love you all!  Trust the Lord, He’s got it under control–even when you end up in Evona for a little while. 😉


Sister Rackham


Me and Darlington

A super victorious day! Despite Evona.

Breakfast! =) Scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese and ham, breakfast potatoes, strawberry banana smoothie, and chocolate milk. Only on P-day. =)


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