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So Much Happiness

October 15, 2013

Ok, so I’ve had a really great week!  I didn’t even read all my emails yet because I was too excited to tell you all what a great week I had.  And one of the best parts was about 2 minutes ago!  Ok, imagine that you’re me–oldest of 8 kids, always being told you have to be the example, yada yada yada, and then you’re on a mission (after your little sister left, so much for example 😉 ) and you get an email from your little brother and he’s a missionary!  I wasn’t surprised, I knew he was leaving and all, duh, but seeing a picture of Elder Rackham with his name tag and everything was soooo cool!!!  Ok, that’s the first highlight.  Clayt, you are so cool!


So much happened this week, I’m going to go crazy trying to remember it all.  I’m still in Albany!  And I love it, really.  There’s a lot of opportunity here.  I still haven’t met the branch.  We spent the weekend in Liberty for the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the HLJ so we missed sacrament with the branch.  But I still feel like we’re on the verge of a whole lot of amazing!


So, Liberty.  That’s my favorite little city ever.  I can say that because Albany isn’t a city. Or anything like unto it. 😉  Being there with other missionaries, with my old dear friends, with the people I love SO MUCH–that was so good!  John and Lisa came to the Readers’ Theater on Saturday.  I was singing in it, hence I got to come back from Albany for this blessed event.  Look up “My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee” That’s what we sang.  Sister Call and I rocked the soprano line.  I love that song.  More now after having left Liberty.  Albany can feel a little lonely sometimes, but I’m closer to my Savior than ever.  And I got to se my Burchs!  They brought me Culvers. Because they love me. =)  Mercedes and Hanna came by, too.  And Keslers and the MacDonalds!  And you don’t know any of those people, really, but they know me and I got to see them and feel like I made a real difference in people’s lives who matter to me.  I think that’s what success feels like. =)


Elder Ballard came to the celebration and spoke at a VIP reception for PR efforts.  The topic of his address: lesson 1 from Preach My Gospel–The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Watching an apostle of the Lord boldly testify of the restored gospel to a secular audience = one of the coolest moments of my mission/my life.  And his talk at the devotional for the members of the Church that evening was AMAZING.  He covered the doctrinal points from most of the lessons in PMG–pretty much expounded the scriptures from the beginning and laid all things before our eyes kind of moment.


Sorry I’m kind of sporadic in my writing.  But, I LOVE running.  Maybe I already mentioned this because I love it so much.  Picture a country road with no one on it, surrounded by cows and fields and trees at dawn.  Now picture me running up and down those rises and around those bends with a huge grin on my face.  It feels so good!  And it’s good pondering time.  I learn while I run.  There’s a tree on the horizon that I run to every day.  I can see it for most of the run, except when I’m at the bottom of the hill heading right up to it.  Then I can’t.  But that’s when I run hardest and say my little mantra to myself (out loud because no one can hear me) and push it to the finish.  And those runs give me energy for the rest of the day.  I realized today that energy is like love.  The more you expend, the more you have.  The more you try to conserve it, the less you have.  Crazy how that works.  And my mantra is an excerpt from my dad’s email last week to all his missionary kids, in case you were wondering.  “Work hard.  You only get to do this in this place at this time once.  So push it.  Study. Read. Pray.  The Lord loves His missionaries and He will help you with every good hard thing you tackle.  So go tackle some hard things.”


Let’s see–other cool moment:  we spoke at the Albany Lions Club meeting last week.  And we got a self-referral!  We spoke about missions and how they work and what they do and I loved it!  I’m realizing that I enjoy being in front of a crowd and making people laugh and feel comfortable.  I just like people. =)


I’m happy and well.  I’m so super proud of my Kate and my Clayton!  They pump me up in a big way!  The Rackhams are covering 3 continents now! =)  We are so blessed to have this gospel and so blessed to have the opportunity to share it.  “If a man desired to serve God, it was his privilege; or rather, if he believed in God it was his privilege to serve him.”  Amen! =)  This whole gospel is true, it makes people happy.  We have a prophet because God loves us.  That’s the coolest/most reassuring and wonderful thing to know.  And I know it.  That makes me quite reassured and happy.  Thanks for the support and love.  Keep fighting the good fight wherever you are!  And work with your missionaries!  They’re just punk kids like me–endowed with power, yes, but they (we) still need all help we can get!  It’s not our work or your work.  It’s His work and He wants to share the joy of His work with all His kids.


Hurrah for Israel!



Sister Rackham


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