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October 7, 2013

Hi all!

 Surprise!  P-day is Monday again!  I totally saw it coming. And I somehow knew I’d be in Albany.  But it’s still a surprise, you know?  Thanks for sending me emails so I didn’t show up in a whole new place with no news from anyone.  It’s so good to hear from you!

 Albany is small.  It’s the second largest of the towns in my area.  Bethany is the biggest.  It’s 1/2 hour away and one of the closer towns.  We spend a lot of time in the car.  It’s very different from Liberty.  But, the work is the same, the gospel is the same, and our Savior’s love is the same–maybe even more penetrating when you’re out in the middle of the country.  The stars are something else out here.  And the fields and trees and thunderstorms.  It’s beautiful.  And I haven’t met the branch yet, but I love those I have met. =)  

 General Conference was the highlight of my week.  On a day when I have more time, I’ll share some favorite parts.  Maybe.  Here’s one bit I loved:  “The quality of our eternal life is proportional to our ability to endure righteously.  Our ability to endure righteously is proportional to the strength of our testimony and the depth of our conversion.”  I think that was Holland.  My notes are the the car.  And it’s paraphrased.  Cool though, huh?

 And here’s my other favorite quote.  It’s not from Conference.  It’s from our site guide here on the mission.

 “In looking back over the vicissitudes through which I had passed in that short period, it seemed more like a dream than reality; and when I think of it all as real, I feel a weight of gratitude to God that I find no words to express.”  -Benjamin Johnson.

 Well, time’s up.  Gotta go.  I love you all!


Sister Rackham


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