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Burch Church

October 1, 2013

Hi dear ones =)

So here’s a funny moment of “my companion knows me better than I know myself.”  We were at the store buying our food and I asked if we should get more carrots.  Sister Jorgensen answered, “We have some, plus, you don’t even like carrots.”  I thought about that for a second and realized she was right.  I don’t really like carrots.  I eat them when they’re around because I think I should, but I definitely prefer green peppers or snap peas.  Who knew, right?

So remember that girl named Mercedes who at first kept blowing us off and then eventually got on board and felt the Spirit and gained a testimony and got baptized?  Yeah, so now guess what she does?  We get texts from her almost daily saying, “Sisters, I need more chapters to read!”  She’s completely obsessed with the Book of Mormon.  She doesn’t want to read it in order because that looks intimidating, but she devours every chapter we give her.  She looks up all the words she doesn’t know and writes the definitions in the margins.  She writes her impressions and thoughts in the pages.  We took too long texting her back a specific chapter so she texted us again saying, “I’ll just start by reading the rest of Moroni today.”  SO COOL!!!  She has come so far.  It’s unbelievable, but I believe it.  I’ve seen it.  And my faith that this gospel changes people has grown into a sure knowledge that it does.

And, drum roll please… this is a really big deal… like 24 years in the making big deal… like maybe that’s longer than my whole life big deal… and we’ve been trying for this for at least 2 months now big deal… ready?  JOHN AND LISA BURCH CAME TO CHURCH!  (And that rhymes!)  Yup, first time in 24 years they came and partook of the sacrament.  And I got to stand and bear my testimony to them and Mercedes and my whole Liberty 1st Ward family.  Right before the meeting started, John turned to me and said, “I wouldn’t do this for just anyone, you know.”  They’ve pretty much adopted Sister J and me.  Our dinner appointment on Friday fell thru and we were supposed to go down to the VC in Independence with the Burchs later anyway, so we called them and told them we didn’t have dinner.  “Girls, we’ll be there in 5.”  And they took us to Culvers for burgers and shakes.  We had a really good experience with them at the VC.  We told them we’d be at their temple sealing someday.  John sounded surprised that we’d fly back for that.  I think he might have been a little shocked that we assumed they’d get to that point.  But they will.  And we’ll be there.  And we told them so. =)  I had been praying and fasting to be able to bear powerful testimony to these people I love so much.  And then I couldn’t think of what I was going to say.  Words don’t cut it.  I love words.  I love being able to use the right word for the right idea and have it fit perfectly.  Our language doesn’t have words that accommodate the feelings of my heart for this gospel.  So I got up there and said something simple and I sat down.  I didn’t feel strong or powerful, but Lisa told me she felt it.  And that’s all I wanted.  The Lord can magnify us in ways we don’t realize or comprehend.

Those were the highlights of the week.  Transfer calls come tonight so I don’t have a new address yet.  I also don’t know where I’ll be living 2 days from now.  And I don’t know when my P-day will be next week.  If I’m being transferred to the VC, then my P-day could be any day, but if I’m going full-pros it will be Monday.  I’ll have to get back to you on what happens with that.  But the mission office address will always be able to find me.

I love you all.  I have a testimony of this work.  I have seen my weaknesses in sharp relief like I never have before, and I’ve been able to see the Lord’s strength like never before.  He’s got this.  And I think learning to really believe that and trust Him is what this whole life is all about.  2 Nephi 4. “I know in whom I have trusted.  My God hath been my support.”  True doctrine. 


Sister Hannah Rackham


1st-Sister Jorgensen and me with John and Lisa at the VC.  They loved the Christus.  And we sang “How Great Thou Art” for them.  (That hymn always reminds me of 1) Katie. 2) The time Jacy, MiKayla, and I got stranded in the desert with no gas and then we miraculously found Delle, Utah.)


2nd-Sister Jorgensen and me with the Keslers!  We had dinner with them last night and Sister Kesler remembered that I love breakfast for dinner so she made eggs and sausage and toast and muffins and juice and it made me feel so stinkin’ loved that I just about cried.  I love these people so much.  Leaving Liberty is going to be pretty much like leaving home.  Liberty 1st Ward is as much my home ward as Parkway Ward back in Wisconsin.  I’ll be back. =)


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