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Turning Point

August 27, 2013

Sorry it’s later than usual today!  We had an exciting P-day adventure this morning.  Our ward mission leader is an artist at Hallmark and he took us on the grand tour/inside scoop.  Think How It’s Made meets a super cool creative sudio.  Loved it!  And then the Stevensons and the Brenchleys took us out to lunch at the Crown Center.  Daddy, remember when we stopped there on our cross country road trip?  Good memories. =)
So, this week has felt like a turning point for us in the work!  Instead of contacting tons of people and having that be the only time we see them, we now have a more stable teaching pool.  AJ is getting baptized!  “So, AJ, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?” “Yes!”  This kid is unreal.  He gets it.  It’s amazing to watch someone get it.  When you can see the Spirit working in them and helping them remember that this is all part of this master plan we all signed onto before we showed up here on earth, it’s a beautiful thing.  Watching people recognize truth is pure joy.  Hence I’m going to be a teacher.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  Being able to show people that there is more joy and hope and happiness than they ever imagined is the best job ever.
We also found a less-active woman in our ward who doesn’t have a testimony of anything anymore.  She thinks she joined the church for the wrong reasons and really isn’t sure about anything.  But she misses the Spirit and misses church and wants to come back.  So we said, “We’d like to teach you the missionary lessons again from the beginning to help it get deeper into you this time around.  Would you like that?”  And she said, “That would be good.”  So we can be just as bold and loving as we can because things can’t get any worse and she’s already been baptized so they can only get better!  And, she’s blind.  So she actually needs help with things so it’s the ideal service/teaching situation.  I’m excited about helping her come back.
And, our golden investigator from 2 months ago finally had time to meet with us!  Gale and her daughters came to a members’ home for dinner and we taught the Restoration!  It wasn’t as profound or life-changing or exciting as I’d hoped.  (I’ve been dreaming about this day for months. ok?) But it was really good.  We get to meet with them again!  And I love this family.  We stopped by on Saturday and trimmed her bushes.  Gale is in a wheelchair so she can’t reach her whole bushes to trim them.  She tried and ended up needing a shot to stop the pain.  So with one pair of pruning shears and one pair of kitchen scissors, in our skirts, we trimmed her bushes.  It was actually super fun!
And, it’s official: all of our hysterically funny moments are “you had to have been there” ypes of moments.  See, I can describe Sister Jorgensen windmilling it with her arms as she’s trying to regain her balance so she doesn’t fall as we’re getting up from praying together, but it really isn’t as funny and watching her do it. 😉
As for personal growth/testimony/spiritual-ness: I love church.  I love going.  I love seeing other people there.  And I love how much it means to those who are there.  Lately as I’ve watched my ward, in prayers and in classes, they express such deep and sincere appreciation to be there to worship.  It recharges us spiritually and makes a difference for the coming week.  I love seeing how much this means to regular, devoted, humble people who are making it thru just like everyone else.  This church sometimes gets a reputation for being so stereotypically “Molly Mormon” perfect and not “real.”  But I see and feel real faith of real people who really need thei faith to get thru really hard times.  This is real.  Reality is refreshing.  And beautiful.
I love you all!  Keep the faith.  Love church.  Share your testimony.  Serve people.  Listen.  Do all those good things.  And remember Him.  He’s why it can all work out.
Sister Rackham


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