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August 7, 2013


 So, big news! This isn’t even my news, but I’m excited so you get to hear it!  My Meredith was accepted into the choral ed program at BYU!!! I’m so proud of her!  You know that moment when you encourage someone to try something that scares them but you know it will be good for them and then they do it and own it like a boss? Yup.  

 Ok, missionary time!  This week our miracle’s name is AJ.  His mom was on our list of potential investigators so we went to their house. His mom wasn’t home, but AJ was so we started talking to him about our message. 

When we said, “Our message is that the fulness of Christ’s gospel has been restored to the earth.” AJ lit up and said, “Really?! Let me go get my Bible and we can talk.”  So he got his Bible and we talked. “AJ, what wouldit mean to you if we had aliving prophet on the earth today?” “It would mean everything to me! I would know that God still wanted me to know what He had to say.”

We sat on his porch swing and taught the Restoration to a fifteen year-old boy seeking truth.  Cool, huh? And he was all excited to come to church with us the next day and everything.  He didn’t actually come to church, but that’s another, less-uplifting story. Sometimes, irony of ironies, people’s families get in the way of them coming to church to learn about the power of God that can seal families forever. But that’s why we’re here, to help people receive the gospel.  And it takes time, so we’re patient. But we found this kid! And he asked us if we’d be at church next week so he could come then. 

My other miracle of the week has a name, but I can’t spell it. I can’t spell things in Czech. This family came to the HLJ from the Czech Republic yesterday!  The only thing I know about/that’s remotely connected to anything Czech is Smetana.  And I can’t pronounce that, either. I just know it from a music civ class or something–Steph? My music civ expert. =)  So they all spoke English except the eight year-old boy.  In the room where we start the presentation we have a painting of Christ and we can play the narration, excerpts from the scriptures of things Christ said, in several different languages. I played it for them in Czech and watched them, especially the little boy, light up.  I couldn’t understand a word, but I knew what the words were, and the Spirit was so powerful. In that moment I felt very clearly how limitless our God is.  Language, distance, four-foot thick walls (that’s the HLJ), time, space, doubt, discouragement, you name it–it’s not an obstacle for Him. And He is there, waiting for us to ask Him for help.  The limitless power of heaven is on our side as soon as we call upon our Father in Heaven. That is by far the coolest thing ever. 

Keep on keepin’ on, my dears!  I love you all!  


Sister Rackham


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