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Dead Frog

July 30, 2013

Hi all!

So I’m going to try to send pictures! Prepare! The first one is my driver’s license so skip that one, except for Dad. Dad has permission to see that one, only because he needs to.

The second one is us at Betty’s baptism! Sister Forbush, Betty, me, and Brother Johnston. He’s from AZ, but he doesn’t know your family, MJ–I check with everyone from Gilbert and some of them do! But most don’t.

The third one is Sister Jorgensen and me at Culver’s! They have one here! And Sister J understands why that’s a big deal. Her dad’s side of the family are all from WI (still live there) so she’s spent a lot of time up that way and is pretty much from Wisconsin.

And the last one is us in our Christmas sweats! We realized this morning that we looked Christmasy and I didn’t think we had enough pictures together so we took one. Those aren’t my pants, I inherited them. =)

So the week! This week started out kind of rough. Our progressing investigators dropped us and won’t talk to us anymore. I realized that my favorite part of missionary work is the moment when you realize that you’re actually deeply invested in another person’s salvation. And then when they use their agency to walk away from all the joy the gospel offers, it’s the worst. We haven’t given up on Dylan and Porche’, but we’ve got to find other people to teach.

So we prayed to be able to find people, and guess what? Heavenly Father answers prayers! We found Lorenzo. Cool name, huh? Get this–he drives to the temple just to look at it because it’s beautiful. And he’s looking for a church he can feel. He’s been to a Mormon church before and “it’s cool.” So we’re excited about him. =)

Our golden investigator (Gale) still doesn’t know she’s golden. We think she might be commitment shy. Hence she won’t make an appointment with us/blows us off when we have appointments. But! we stopped by a few nights ago on our way home just in time to help her and her daughter clean a dead frog off their driveway! Oh the joys of missionary work! =) Sister J did the dirty work (with gloves on) and I held the bag. It smelled pretty rank. But Gale knows we love her!

Other highlight of the week (yup, dead frogs were a highlight) was meeting the Burchs! We stopped by because they were on the ward list and we didn’t know anything about them. They’ve been here for a year and a half and no one had ever stopped by. They are the kindest, most warm-hearted people ever. I feel like I just got another set of parents to absolutely dote on me while I’m here. They haven’t been to church in ages, but they’ll come back. I can’t believe how much I love them after only meeting them once. Guess where they’re from? Wisconsin! So naturally, they really adore us. =) I love meeting people and loving people and bringing people back into JOY!

That’s what the gospel is, folks, it’s the path to joy. And it’s a joyful path. I love walking it daily. Keep up the good things you’re doing and keep the faith!

all my love,
Sister Rackham


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  1. Margaret RACKHAM permalink

    Hannah joy RACKHAM , you are awesome and it is a privilege to be your grandmother!

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