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The Week in Quotes.

July 23, 2013

Hola! =)

“I need that!”

-An investigator of ours upon hearing that there was another book of scripture to fill in the gaps of the Bible.  We gave her a Book of Mormon, talked to her for a while about how important it is and how it can help heal her.  She’s going to read it every day.  And we’re going to call her every day to see how she’s doing.  It’s amazing how much people confide in us.  This woman has had a hard life.  And we, two 21 year-old girls, mostly naive to the pain life can inflict, can testify to her with real power that the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal her.  That’s a miracle in itself.

“I feel at home here.”

-Dylan.  Our troubador investigator.  Dylan was a referral we tried to contact about 4 times but he was never home.  This week, we were walking along the road and we run into this guy with a guitar.  We ask him to play for us, he plays this soul-bearing Christian song called, “Doubting Thomas” and then introduces himself as Dylan.  Miracle!  We walk with him for a bit, teach him the beginning of the first lesson, and he came to church!  That’s when he said the above quote.  I love that even these rough characters can feel at home in the Lord’s meetinghouse.

“Well, that was graceful.”

-Sister Jorgensen.  On our morning run on Wednesday, the sidewalk came up out of nowhere and caught my toe so I ate in on the concrete.  But my volleyball skills haven’t entirely left me so I rolled down and back up pretty much in one motion.  I just managed to scrape all the skin off my knee and elbow in the process. Don’t worry, I’m fine.  I just have a nice little raspberry on my knee.  I knelt to pray George Washington/Valley Forge style for about a day. 😉 It’s healing well.

“You’ve just got to find humor in rejection sometimes.”

-Sister Jorgensen.  We drive out to a referral and before we even knock on the door, the lady opens it, looks super grumpy, and says, “I don’t have time for this.”  and slams the door.  So we turn around, walk back to the car, and as soon as the doors are shut, we bust up laughing.  She had time to sit and watch us walk up to her door, but no time for even a hello or a polite, “Sorry, not interested.”  People are funny.  So we laugh. =)

“Sister Rackham, you’re singing at the devotional, right? Beautiful Savior?”

-Sister Wilson.  My internal response, “You mean this devotional, the one we’re at right now listening to prelude for? Since when?” My out loud response, “Yeah!”  So while they’re doing the opening prayer and song, I’m running and making a copy of my music.  When President wants a last minute extra musical number, Sister Rackham says, “What key?” 😉  It was a cool moment to realize that my music skills are an asset in the Lord’s work. =)

“The only high matainence thing about me is my testimony.”

-Sister Jorgensen.  We were talking last night about the constant upkeep required for testimonies.  They are strong and vibrant and can give us much strength, if we put in the effort to nurture them.  I prayed yesterday to know again that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true.  Good news!  He totally was! And it definitely is! =)!

Thanks for being my people!  I love you all so much!  Keep up the good work you’re doing!  Remember the power in bearing your testimony and look for a chance to share it with someone this week. =)  I mostly bear my testimony to other members of the Church at the HLJ, so don’t think you can’t have missionary moments in Utah Valley, deal? =)


Sister Rackham


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