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July 16, 2013
Hi all!
So we had tranfers this week and I have a new companion!  Her name is Hermana Jorgensen. (Lexi Jorgensen) And she’s an hermana so we get to study Spanish. =)  She’s from Boulder City, NV, but she tells everyone she’s from Vegas.  Kind of like how I’m from Whitefish Bay, but I tell everyone I’m frow Milwaukee. 😉  She’s so fun and happy and she teaches me a lot!  It’s fun having us both be so new to the area.  She’s been out as long as Sister Forbush, but she’s been out full-pros in Kaw River (that’s the Hispanic ghetto part of the mission).  So I get to show her how things work at the Jail while she finishes training me on being a missionary.  We work together really well and I love her already. =)  She gave her first solo tour yesterday and I was so proud! =)  And then it was so busy that I didn’t see her for hours and she gave 3 more after that before I could congratulate her.  Life at the Jail in the summer.  That’s how it goes. =) 
I miss Sister Forbush a lot, but I this is good.  This is best.  On her last morning at the Jail, she took me on a tour just the two of us.  She quoted a lot of things I’d said that transfer prefaced with, “One of my favorite companions said, ” and we both cried a lot, but it was the good kind.  She taught me so much.  I figured it out, too–she didn’t just teach me how to be a good missionary, she taught me to really understand why to be a good missionary. 
Life in Liberty is still this picturesque summer dream.  I love this town.  And seeing it afresh through Sister Jorgensen’s eyes is really nice.  Maybe you should googleearth it because I don’t even have cute pictures of it to send…  It’s precious though, believe me.
As for the work, we found 7 new investigators this week!  Two of the already stood us up.  Figures.  But!  We have an appointment with Gale and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to teach Gale!  She is beyond golden and I love her so much already and I’ve been picturing her and her daughters in white since the day we met.  I’ve realized something about myself: when I get super happy, especially in a spiritual happy kind of way, I just laugh out loud.  When we get appointments or when a lesson goes really well, I just giggle afterwards.  It’s worth being excited about.  =)
We’re planning a temple trip for the 5 recent converts who haven’t gone to do baptisms yet and hopefully Sister Forbush will get permission to come back for that.  She got transferred down to the furthest south area of the mission.  The middle of nowhere Kansas.  So maybe it’s too far to come to the temple, but she taught four of the people coming. 
Funny moment from the Jail this week:  this family come through, last tour of the night, and their 6 year-old son fell in love with Sister Jorgensen.  She’s this gorgeous, tall, blonde with a winning smile, so you can’t blame him, but it was the cutest/funniest thing!  He kept running to her and hugging her waist and kissing her hip.  His mom kept telling him to stop.  He looked at his mom and said, “Mom. I love her.” In this dazed, lovestruck voice and then turned to Sister Jorgensen and said, “I love you.” in the same voice.  So funny!!!
Miracle from the Jail this week: a single mom and her 8 year-old daughter came through, non-members, living in Liberty, decided they need to learn more about their town.  After the tour, she and I talked for awhile, she asked all the right questions and loved hearing about the temple.  In our conversation she asked if single moms were accepted in the Church.  I told her that everyone is accepted and we love everyone!  The look on her face was heartbreaking and priceless all at once.  I love being able to tell people that they are welcome and accepted.  I love helping people see that they are so much more loved than they knew.  I love being able to lift that burden of feeling rejected.  I got her number so we’ll give her a call soon and I’ll let you know if that goes anywhere.
Also, we’ve been focusing on less actives and part-member families–we’ve had some neat experiences finding that way.  All I can say is that after I get home, I’m going to be a faithful visiting teaching for the rest of my life.  If I ever falter on that, someone shake me back to reality and tell me to think of my mission, ok? Thanks.
I love being here.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day for this unique opportunity to serve Him in this way.  I love being able to focus so completely on His work and glory.  And I know that while the shape of that focus will change–we can’t all be full-time missionaries all the time–that focus is it for life.  Thank you all for helping me get here and for supporting me and doing all you do for the work where you are.  I love you people so much! 
Sister Rackham

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