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Betty’s Baptism

July 8, 2013

So, time is short today, but this has been the best week of my mission, probably.

Yesterday, Betty was baptized and confirmed!  And I realized a new level of joy and happiness.  I’m a pretty happy person and always have been, but I’d never felt that way before.  It was like the sky on how happy I could be was totally blown off and I realized that joy could extend beyond the known universe.  My face still hurts from smiling or laughing with pure spiritual euphoria ALL day.  I think there may have been a total of an hour all day when I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear.  Watching someone I’ve come to love so much make such a big, wonderful, eternally significant choice was the most amazing experience. Period.  I can’t tell you enough what that meant to me or how I felt.  And she bore her testimony in Relief Society.  She wanted to in sacrament meeting, but time ran short and she was already crying pretty hard.  So in RS she got up and bore a powerful testimony.  I wrote part of it down.  “I’m so grateful to be part of you and part of the Church.  I know this is the Church of the living Christ because I’ve felt it.”  And in the car on the way home, (she drove us home) she asked us about the requirements for serving a mission. She wants to serve a mission!  So then I get all carried away thinking about going through the temple with her in a year when her papers are in and all that.  And when she found out that the ward signs up to feed us dinner she said, “Wait, can you come over to my house for dinner?  I’ll cook!”  So we’re having dinner at her apartment this Wednesday.  She just gets it.  She’s so ready to be a part of everything.  And the ward has really stepped up and enveloped her–she had more dinner and dessert invitations yesterday than she knew what to do with. 😉  Mormons are good people.  I like them. 😉

Other big news: Sister Forbush is probably leaving this transfer.  She got called to train. Again.  I’m a little jealous of her new trainee, but I’ll be fine. 😉  I’m going to miss her a lot.  But I feel good about things going forward.  Gale is getting back from her trip next week and I have a feeling she’ll want to get baptized or something. =)

The work goes on!  This gospel is true and Jesus is our Savior.  Love you all!


Sister Rackham


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