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Once Upon A Time…

June 25, 2013
So funny stories from this week:
Once upon a time we’re leaving this apartment building and this guy up on the top floor looks down out the window and asks, “Do you come here often?”  We answer, “Yeah, now and then.” (We have 2 investigators who live there.) He says, “Well, you should come back.”  And as we’re leaving I’m all excited that this guy felt the Spirit and knew there was something we had to teach him and he was referring himself for the preaching of the good word of God!  Sister Forbush is rolling her eyes and I get confused.  Suddenly, it clicks.  “He was hitting on us, wasn’t he?” She laughs, puts her arm around my shoulders, “Oh, Sister Rackham!”  And we walked along down this gravel road.  I like walking on gravel roads, it makes me feel cool.
Once upon a time it was exchange day!  I learned a lot.  Like that Sister Forbush was my security blanket and that that’s actually the Spirit’s job… So I was nervous to be without her all day.  Sister Wilson is awesome and we had a great day, so no worries, but I was nervous.  So, funny moment from that day–Sister Wilson and I are in the car, getting ready to get out, and we always pray before we get out on our way to teach.  We’d both forgotten whose turn it was to pray, so we sit there in silence for a moment, waiting for each other to pray, and then at the exact same second, we turn to look at each other, arms folded, with one eye open as if we were peeking during the prayer.  Upon seeing ourselves mirrored in each other, we busted up laughing and had to wait a minute to pray.
Interesting stories:
Once upon a time I had a dream.  In the dream, Sister Forbush and I were kneeilng on a beach to pray.  I was rather distraught because I needed a pencil.  (No idea why I would need a pencil on the beach, but I did.) So I told Heavenly Father that I needed a pencil and suddenly there were pencils everywhere!  Strewn all over the sand around us–some crisp and freshley sharpened, others with bite marks, chipped paint, some snapped in half, some just little nubs–but there were sooo many!  It’s probably symbolic, but I’ll let you think about that.  I’ve already thought about it.  And the Lord answers prayers, in lots of ways, not just the ways we think we need.
Maybe I already told you this story, but the punk rock bank from LaCrosse is going down in mission history for me.  This band comes into the Jail for a tour and while we’re talking, one of them seems really interested.  After the end of the tour when I bore my testimony, I said, “And will each of you pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God?”  I was expecting them to nod and agree to do that at some other time. But right then and there these tattooed, pierced punk rockers bowed their heads in prayer.  I’ve called that one guy since, but he didn’t answer so the story has yet to unfold.
Also, the broadcast was AMAZING!  I hope you all got to see it, or that you will get to see it soon.  It emphasized members doing missionary work.  It dawned on me that everyone’s social web is wide enough to encompass everyone else–so really, in sharing the gospel, we don’t even have to go out of our way, we just have to invite people who are aleady part of our lives to be part of our way.  So cool! 
Anyway, life is good.  Sister Rackham is happy.  Still talking in third person.  =)  And still being very well taken care of by the best trainer ever.  Sister Forbush is my hero.  I was actually going to send pictures today, but I forgot the little cord.  And, I haven’t actually taken a picture with Sister Forbush yet, so you’d get one of her holding a dessert she whipped up out of left overs around the Jail (she’s impressive) and then one of me and Sister Moody from the bus on our way here.  Something to look forward to! =)  I love you all so much!  Thanks for the prayers and support!  Keep being true to the gospel, it really is the most important thing.  Everything that is most precious to me (read each of you and the ability to progress) is available to me because of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know Jesus is the Christ.  There are a lot of things I don’t know, but none of those are as important as what I do know. 
Keep the faith and share the faith every chance you get!  And it doesn’t have to be awkward, inviting people to be happy for ever isn’t awkward. 😉
Sister Rackham



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