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Cast and Crew

June 17, 2013

Dear ones,

Hi!  I think I might finally have the presence of mind to write coherently. I realized that I have time to tell you a few things well, or parts of everything spastically.  So this will be my attempt at setting the scene for my life here.  (With some things I’m learning, naturally.  That’s kind of all I do, really, learn and work.  It’s perfect for me.)

Firstly, thanks to all of you who love me and send me your thoughts and wonderful moments.  I write little nuggets of wisdom you send me in my journal or my planner.  Katie’s from last week has been on my mind all week. “Faith can move mountains, but usually the only thing it moves is you, and you can do more than a mountain.”  Yup, she’s my little sister.  And my hero.  Cool how that works, huh?

Ok, so I never introduced you to the cast and crew at the Liberty Jail.  Ready? =)

We (the sister missionaries) live in a house close to the jail.  There are eight of us.  And there are never any dishes in the sink.  Whoa.  Kirsten, be amazed. 😉  We have Sister Spivey, super cute, Southern Belle with just the right amount of twang and now, courtesy of Sister Raymer, she has a pixie cut.  Don’t worry, the humidity hasn’t pushed me that far. Yet. 😉 (Just kidding, Austin, I wouldn’t.)  Sister Raymer and Sister White (my MTC pals are here with me as well.)  We also have Sister Thurston who might be he happiest person ever.  She smiles ALL the time.  She came into our room last night upset about an investigator dropping them and seeing her un-bubbled was weird and sad.  Sister Wilson (steph, it’s Claire’s cousin, I met her and I love her!) is super cool and plays the violin like a boss.  She and I are going to be comps on Friday for exchanges.  And Sister Castellano is going home in a few weeks; she’s self-declared trunky and really funny.  She’s got attitude and she’ll tell you about it.

The senior couples live all over, who knows where, and they come work at the Jail with us.  There are two main couples, the Stevensons and the Simpers.  I love them both!  Sister Simper gives the best hugs and Elder Simper always high-fives us, but I always think it’s supposed to be a handshake so he laughs at me.  Sister Stevenson wears bright colors and several silver rings (we bonded over that fact) and she come across as a little stern, but she’s a grandma and she loves us.  Elder Stevenson is very precise about how we run the Jail (so he’s the best to be on shift with because he doesn’t ever mess up the traffic flow) and every day he says, “It’s a great day to be a missionary!”

Sister Forbush and I serve in the Liberty 1st Ward and the people are great.  We’ve got characters, like every ward, and I’m getting to know and love them all.  Sister Benton, this dear old widow,  was going to make us dinner the other night, but her back hurt so she couldn’t make it to the store so she took us to Perkins and she brought a scripture quiz game to play while we waited for our food.

Liberty itself is probably my new favorite town.  It looks like Whitefish Bay meets the south and it’s the cutest.  On Saturday morning we ran around to the Square where the farmers were setting up the farmer’s market and I just wanted to scoop everyone up and drop them in a book that I’d write about this enchanting little town with wonderful people who all accepted the gospel (eventually) and lived happily ever after.  I’m going to splurge on Mennonite homemade jam one of these weeks.  😉  Liberty displays the joys of summer beautifully!  It always smells like barbecue or campfire, there are crazy thunderstorms at least once a week, the air is heavy and wet and just like summer is supposed to be (no offense, Utah), and there are FIREFLIES!  Sister Forbush had never seen one before.  We saw some outside this man’s house and then he became a new investigator!  Good omens, those fireflies. 😉

So, hopefully now you can see where I am and who I’m with.  Maybe someday I’ll remember to 1) take pictures, 2) bring my camera on P-day, and 3) send some…

I’ve been learning a lot.  I thought a knew a lot.  And I did, in some ways.  But I’m realizing that now as I try to learn more and faster, I need to have patience with myself.  I’ll go where He wants me to go.  I’ll get to where He wants me to be.  And I have seen growth in myself, and I’m not usually good at that, so it’s kind of a big deal.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the Atonement.  Sister Forbush used this analogy a few days ago and I’ve been thinking of it ever since.  Think of your life like a bucket full of water.  When you’re born, the bucket is full and pristine and perfect.  As you go through life, you do things you oughtn’t and thereby throw stones in your bucket.  They displace the water and make you heavier, but you still feel fulfilled.  Sometimes, other people knock your bucket over and spill some of the water.  And then you aren’t full anymore.  The Atonement lets Christ pull the rocks out of our buckets and refill the water that gets displaced.  That’s not something we can do for each other. (Alma 34)  Only Christ is the source of living water.  I studied John 4 last night and really enjoyed thinking about that.  I also had this feeling during the sacrament that I could be full and serene and fulfilled all the time if I turned to my Savior all the time.  And I can.  There are always ways to be better, but I can be filfulled and happy always because through Christ, everything IS ok, not just will be ok, but it IS ok, right now.  I studied Alma 34 all week and I love it.  Brother Harper called it a graduate text on the Atonement, so naturally I wanted to delve into it.

Well, that’s about all for now.  We have a few investigators who look promising and I’ll let you know how they come along.  Thanks, as ever, for your prayers and support and love!  I love you all so much!!!


Sister Rackham


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