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June 14, 2013

Hi all!!

 Ok, the spider wasn’t the highlight of the week, but we keep seeing its lasting influence on Sister Forbush’s face so it was the first thing that came to mind.  Some spider had the nerve to bite my sweet companion in her sleep the other night.  She’s ok and it’s healing well.  The Lord takes care of His missionaries.  I love being one of His missionaries.  Everytime Sister Forbush prays she says, “We thank thee for this opportunity to be Thy missionaries” and it makes me smile every time.

 So, the week in review: nope, too much happens in a week.  Highlights.

 Betty quit smoking!  Miracle! Once upon a time I met a miracle names Betty and I got to teach her and love her and get to be her friend and her testimony strengthens mine all the time.

 We had a breakthrough lesson with Andrea–her husband is a Baptist preacher.  She read the BoM with us and we talked about her questions and showed her where the Bible supports what we teach.  “Are you putting your Mormon doctrine in the Bible?”  “It’s just God’s doctrine and it’s in the Bible.”  She had to think about that for a minute.  Sister Forbush says Andrea is scared to believe, but that she’s starting to think there might be something worth believing.  It’s exciting.

 We found a bunch of new investigators!  Sometimes, between our shifts at the Jail and meetings and such, we don’t have a ton of time to get out to our area, but the Lord maximizes our time in a big way.  We had an hour one evening to be out and we taught 4 people and found a new investigator.  Everyone I’ve met here believes in God and has some kind of history with religion, but most everyone is very comfortable where they are.  That’s the hard part.  But we find commonalities and talk about how God has blessed our lives and invite people to learn more and sometimes they say yes.

 I spoke in church yesterday.  =)  I was assigned to talk about my favorite missionary.  So I talked about my Savior.  He really is our perfect exampe in everything we do.  I really enjoyed preparing for it.  And I don’t get too nervous talking in front of people anymore.  (Door approaches and street contacting still make me a little antsy, but giving talks and tours and teaching once someone has already let us in–all that doesn’t phase me anymore.

 I’ll probably keep raving about her for the rest of our companionship, but Sister Forbush is amazing.  And really funny!  I didn’t know how funny she was last week.  Now I do. 😉  I also did not know that she could make BOSS pancakes out of whatever we had around the house.  She can.  And she made some for me yesterday. =)  She teaches with power and she takes care of me.  She builds me up and helps me be confident that I can do this.  Coming out here to a place where I don’t know anyone was a bit scary (not gonna lie) but with her around, I feel super comfortable and safe and like things can’t go wrong.  There is such peace in having a companion with you always.  I had a dream that some people (people in our ward) tried to get me to leave her by telling me it was just for a minute and we’d still be in the church building, just different rooms, and my subconsious was loyal!  I refused to leave.  That made me happy.

 I feel like I’m rambling. Sorry.  Jail time–I take tours all by myself all the time now and I love it!  I’ve had some really wonderful experiences with families who come through.  This sweet family came and videoed the whole thing and I wanted to send it (the dad was going to email it to me) but it’s too big.  When I get it from him, I’ll forward it and y’all can see what Sister Rackham does all day. =)

 If I were to narrow down my spiritual growth of the week, what comes to mind is this:  I’ve often been preocupied with wondering if I’m a confident person or not.  Sometimes, I can take on the world and I know it.  Other times I just want to hide and let other people figure stuff out.  In talking with the Lord about this and pondering it, I’m deciding for now to not worry about that.  It doesn’t really matter what I am.  If I get lost in the work and swallowed up in the joy of this gospel I’m here to share, I’ll be able to do what the Lord would have me do and that’s what matters. =)

 Thanks to all of you who write me!  I love hearing updates and what’s new and exciting in your lives!  I’m so thankful for your influence and goodness.  Thanks for being my people and having my back.  I love you all!  Keep the faith!  Until next Monday. =)


Sister Rackham


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