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“Yup, that was the Spirit”

May 24, 2013

Dear everyone!  You are all so dear to me!

 First things first!  Clayton Rackham got his mission call!!!  Santiago Chile West October 9th! (Dad gets to drop off his eldest son on his birthday!)  So proud of my studly litle bigger brother!  He’s ready. =)

 So the subject line comes from our dear Sister White, one of the sisters in my district.  There are five of us and since we’re roommates and all Missouri bound, we’ve gotten very close. Sister White said the above in the middle of the night in her sleep.  Teaching by the Spirit in our sleep.  Piece of cake. 😉  Sister Raymer talks in her sleep, too, but I never remember what she says. Last night Sister Vance’s dad sent cupcakes and we ate them altogether with the spoons Austin sent me in a package–Austin, the rest of the girls wanted me to praise your foresight in sending the spoons.  You’re a geniue. =)

 So, it’s been a good week!  VC training is my new favorite thing ever.  Before it was all great and fine and happy, and now, it’s personal and relevant and why I’m here.  I LOVE talking to people!  And for the next 18 months I get to have deep, substantial conversations with everyone I meet.  Lucky me!  And, this is the coolest thing ever–so if you go to and want to chat with a rep from the Church, that could be me!  If you call the site with a question, I could take that call!  I’m like God’s secretary!  It’s called the referral center and it’s all the online/phone proselyting and it’s the coolest!  I have to tell you about Kat.

 So Kat is this girl we chatted with on Thursday night.  She’s 17, been meeting with missionaries (all online/phone/skype) for 4+ months.  Her parents won’t let her get baptized or meet with missionaries in person or go anywhere near the church.  So this AMAZING young woman is rereading the Book of Mormon, doing her Personal Progress, and studying all 4 seminary manuals in one year to get ready for her baptism when she’s 18 next April.  Dang!  So for PP, one of her requirements/goals/something she’s excited to do because she has such an obedient heart, is to pay tithing for three months straight.  Now, she can’t go anywhere near the church.  See the problem?  So she set up this secret transaction with the sister missionaries in the area where they left a tithing envelope under a rock near her house, she put the money in and they picked it up later.  How funny is that!  I already love this girl and I’ve never met her.  We’re calling her on the phone on Monday to keep teaching and encouraging her.  It’s amazing to me how much I care about her already.  I pray for Kat every day now.  This gospel increases our capacity to love SOOOO much!

 Funny moment from the chat: Sister Raymer’s account logged her out and then I had to let her back on and since the chat uses our first names (so we don’t give off a nun-vibe) and refers to each worker as an agent, the screen read, “Agent Jessie has logged in”  We felt like high-tech secret agent missionaries.  Agent Hannah here to convert the cyber world!  One of our teachers told us that basically, our mission boundaries as VC sisters who work the chat and phones, our mission just got extended as far as the internet goes.  So my new area is… wait for it…THE WHOLE WORLD!  (I’m a little excited.  It’s cool though, right? I’m not a total dork… Dad, validate the coolness, ok?)

 Cool moment from last Friday:  We went to he temple!  I was looking at the chandelier in the celestial room and thinking about how many colors and lights there are in it, more than I can see from any one angle–there’s always so much more than we can see!  And on the way back from the temple, it was raining!  I felt such deep joy and contentment and peace about being where I’m supposed to be and doing what the Lord would have me doing.  And then Sister Raymer and I did some awesome heel clicks in he rain.  “Sister!  That was the perfect heel click because both my heels actually clicked!”  I love that girl.  She’s a hoot.  Yesterday I was holding the door for her and she was standing in the bushes, not coming in.  I looked at her weirdly and she replied, “Sorry! I was chasing a bird.” As if that were the most normal thing ever to be doing.  And last night before bed I asked her if there was anything I could do for her and she said, “No, sister, you do everything for me.”  And I got super happy.  That’s my job–uplift and serve people.  These next 18 months are really not about me.  In class last night, we had time to think about where the Lord sees us in 10 years, 5, 2, 6 months, 2 weeks, and tomorrow-super cool, try it sometime, and it occurred to me that He probably sees me serving as much as I can at all those phases.  It’s nice to know what’s expected of you.  And it’s even nicer when you know you can do it. =)

 Other exciting-ness, my district of sisters (the five of us–Sisters Jessie Raymer, Mckenzie Vance, Isabella White, and Courtney Moody) auditioned to perform our arrangement of Beautiful Savior at a devotional or RS and we made it!  We don’t know which one we’re singing in, but some time before we leave, the five of us get to sing for the whole MTC.  So cool!  Sister White had the piano score for it and we just made up voice parts to go along with it and wrote the words in. Sister Raymer and I sang Homeward Bound, but we’ll do that in the field–with the lyrics to Come Thou Fount. =) Music is still the coolest thing ever.  Some things never change.

 Spiritual insight of the week (as if I could narrow it down to one…) Everyone has a void.  There is something within each of us that is incomplete and not whole without Christ’s Atonement.  I struggled to share the gospel with people growing up because I’d look at them and think, “Nah, they’re fine.  They’re good people and they’ve got it figured out.”  This gospel isn’t just for addicts and orphans and people with deep, obvious wounds–it’s for every single person ever because we all have a void that can only be filled with Christ’s mercy and forgiveness and “Come unto me.”  And through this gospel, through the doctrine of Christ–faith in Him unto repentance, making covenants to bind ourselves to Him, covenants that allow Him to bless and protect us, and the sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost, we can be whole every day!  Even with our imperfections and our impatience and our pride, if we come unto Him every day, doing those things He’s commanded us to do (always for our own good) we can be whole!  I like the word whole.  Goal: be whole.  (That’s my goal, but we can share if you want–Christ has room.)

 Last thing, funny story about Elder Westhoff (Aunt Rachel and UJ and co, this is for you–thanks for the letter last week, made me chuckle profusely–great job, Zach with the transcription. 😉 )  So the first time I ran into Elder Westhoff, I didn’t know if I was allowed to hug him or not–he’s my cousin, in case you didn’t follow–so we shook hands and I told him how much I wanted to give him a big squeeze.  He the pretended to trip and fall toward me for a fakey hug while he said, “Whoops! Sorry, sister, thanks for catching me!” And then he stood up and looked around and told some elders nearby, “Don’t look at me like that, she’s my cousin.”  We laughed pretty hard.

 So, that was the last thing, but I’m leaving the MTC on Wednesday so here’s my address if anyone was curious… 😉

 Sister Hannah Rackham

Missouri Independence Mission

517 Walnut St.

Independence, MO 64050-3632


That’s all.  I love you all!  Thanks for the love and prayers and note and well wishes!  Godspeed and hurrah for Israel!


Sister Rackham




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