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Shower Singing and Bubble Wrap Tap

May 17, 2013

Hi everyone!

 So, family–thank you for the letter!  I loved the pictures and Johnny, I do go to shweep every night at 10:30 so don’t you fret 😉  Dad, Katie and I never see each other long enough to put together all your clever halves of jokes.  So I have a bunch of set ups and non-corresponding punch lines and I still giggle. =)

 So this week!  I wrote down things to tell you so I wouldn’t blank during my email time.  For starters, I LOVE my companion.  She loves to sing as much as I do so we sing EVERYWHERE we go, between classes, on our way to lunch, we shower at the same time so we can harmonize in the bathroom (it’s extra echoey in there) and I love it!  I’m not allowed to listen to my iPod in the MTC and while I still think that’s a dumb rule, I’m obeying, and finding great solace in singing with Sister Raymer everywhere we go.  I love it! (She also quotes movies as much as I do so we keep each other guessing and laughing at every turn.) 

 I saw Katie at the temple, en route on our Sabbath temple walk, and if I can figure out how to send pictures, I’ll send that one, but if I can’t, know that we’re cute and modest and both named Sister/Hermama Rackham.

 Funny stories:  We’re talking to an investigator in a group setting and he asks Sister Raymer a question. “Uh…umm…uh…sister?” And she turns to me to field that one.  Everybody laughed except for me and the investigator. =)  I laughed later… 

 Most of you know I have a penchant for big words.  So I use them.  Sister Raymer, and the rest of the girls in our district humor me and like to learn my words.  So I teach them and we use them.  One day, I said “percolate” and Sister Raymer just looks at me and says, “Sister, stop making up words.” “I’m not! I promise that’s a word!” And we decided that we are Shawn and Gus from Psych.  I’m Gus. 😉 

 The other story of the subject line is thus: Sister Raymer got a package with bubble wrap and when all our other sisters were in the bathroom, she and I had a bubble wrap tap dance party in our room.  Quite fun, let me tell you.

 Other random bits:  I see robins everywhere!  I counted seven at once the other morning.  I stamp for each one and think of you, Brother J, Mere, and Steph. =)  And we watch videos from this NYTimes section called One in 8 Million for help in setting the stage for potential investigators/role plays and it’s a cool campaign.  It reminds me of our “And I’m a Mormon” campaign, but it features individuals all over New York ranging from the Baptist minister to the immigrant family from Taiwan.  Worth a look, I would imagine if you have internet or something crazy like that.

 Ok, I do have spiritual experiences and I am learning and growing much, I just wanted to put the fun first so my little brothers can tune out now. 😉 

 So I talk about Sister Raymer a lot because I’m with her 24/7 and in these past 10 days, her face has become very familiar to me.  I was thinking about that and how working together with the Spirit makes her so familiar to me.  I want Christ’s face to be so familiar to me because I want to work with Him and the Spirit.

 Also, on Mother’s Day I thought about how this mission is like mortality.  In mortality, we leave our Heavenly parents to become more like them.  While I’m on this mission, I’ve left my earthly parents for a while to become more like them.  So I want to be more like my mom and be the kind of missionary she was and is.  So Mama dear, could you send me some mission stories please? =)

 I used to hate the word “sober” because it didn’t sound like any fun.  Now I know what it means.  And you can still have fun and be sober.  But you can’t be a goof off elder who makes noises like a chicken going all around the MTC and be sober.  Sober means you care about what you’re doing, you understand why it’s imporant and you do it.  You can still have fun.  Sister Raymer and I are having the time of our lives, studying and working and being diligent and all that.  But, I have grown a lot more respect for the elders in my district as I’ve gotten to know them better.  They’re still young, but they’re good kids.  Mostly. 😉  I talked with my branch president about feeling old and he told me to focus on uplifting, encouaraging and inspiring these young elders because most of them are scared out of their minds.  So I’ve been working on being a good big sister, expecting a lot and being delighted when they are awesome.  Clayton, Davis, John, James, and Christian–how am I doing?  Also, you five are real studs and you’re going to be great missionaries.  Way to not do anything stupid.  I love you, guys.

 Ok, here’s another Sister Raymer story.  I was studying on my bunk (top bunk) and letting my feet dangle.  Sister Raymer saw my callouses (spelling? Mom?) and insisted on taking care of them for me.  So she scrubbed them with her magic foot scrubber and then lotioned and massaged them.  I kept thinking about Christ washing the disciples’ feet and feeling really truly loved.  She’s amazing.  And when we teach together, it works.  We read each other really well, finish each other’s thoughts, and split lessons really well.  I love working with her and I hope we get to work together in the field at some point.  We’re going to write some new lyrics for the song Shenendoah so it’s more fitting our adventure, but we’re keeping the last line “‘Cross the wide Missouri” because it’s too perfect.

 Other spiritual insight for me lately–thinking about the Atonement and how Christ overcame both kinds of death–physical death universally because Adam’s Fall made it a universal condition and spiritual death as we elect to be made alive.  And that’s not just some distant reunion with God where we are suddenly un-dead as to the things of the spirit.  We can choose to be spiritually alive every day!  I can choose to be in connection with the things of God every day!  I can be spiritually alive every day!  (And so far, for the most part, I have been!)  Probably all y’all already made that little connection, but it was a big deal in my “how I’m going to live my life and why” process a few days ago. 

 Thanks to all for the letters and emails and encouragment and prayers!  I still feel like the luckiest girl alive because even when I’m “far away” I still feel completely surrounded by love.  Thank you all!  I love you so so SO much!  Next Friday is my last P-day at the MTC and I’ll put my mission address in that email.  Oh, and Dunn and Ryan are here, as far as I know, but I haven’t seen them.  Kindia saw Dunn, and I keep my eyes peeled everywhere so hopefully I’ll see them around.  That’s probably not all, but it’s all that was important enough for me to remember and share for now.  So, effectively, that’s all folks!  I love love LOVE you people.  Thanks for looking out for me.

 love always,

Sister Hannah Rackham


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