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May 11, 2013

Dear ones,


1) I love you. Gdoi.  Like a lot.

2) The food here isn’t bad.  And I’ve been able to eat again!  Working and studying all day and not being crazy nervous anymore has brought my appetite back.

3) Life here is like drinking out of a firehose so I feel like I have a trillion things to tell you and might not remember them all.  So if you only get one thing out of this–know that I’m happy.  I’m well.  I miss you all a ton, because I love you a ton.  But I still feel really good about this and I’m happy.

4) I love my classes!  I feel like I’m sharpening my mind and my spiritual sensitivity big time.  After studying with Brother Harper, most other religious study feels a little lopsided in terms of being super spiritual but not as intellectually/deeply/spiritual meat/doctrinal connection satisfying.  And I’m the oldest missionary in my district (go figure) so I feel like I think on a slightly different plane than my peers.  (Some of the elders are twankos.)  But you can get out of this whatever you’re willing to invest.  I’ve had some wonderful talks with teachers and with friends here.


Highlight of my experience so far:  Sister Barden and Sister Edwards–two good friends from Jerusalem–live on my floor!  I went to find their rooms last night while they were coming to find me.  We ran into each other in the hallway and had the most joyful reunion followed by a really powerful discussion/testimony sharing.  I love those girls so much!  (And Chloe, Rachel gave me one of the cupcakes you sent, so your love made it all around the MTC. =) )  I also got to see Katie and Kindia and I love them!  I didn’t get to chat with them for as long, but seeing them and getting hugs from them made this unfamiliar place feel a bit more like home.


I figured out what’s going on in terms of how long we’ll be here.  We are here until the 29th. Most English speakers are here for 12 days, but we have an extra week for Visitors’ Center training.  We get to go on splits with the sisters on Temple Square twice!  I’m really excited for that.  Oh!  I have a companion.  =)  Her name is Sister Raymer and she’s a doll–effervescent, gregarious, genuine with people–I like her a lot already.  We had our first companionship inventory and it was really good.  We can be real with each other and talk about the things we’d like to do better.  We teach our “investigator” for the first time this afternoon. The teachers call is role play, the other missionaries in our zone told us to call it real play and take it seriously.  I will, but it’s a little odd challenging a member of the church to get baptized…  The other sisters in our district are great, too.  We’re all roommates and we have good times.  I missed the pantsing fiasco last night and that’s ok with me, but I heard about it… (I was talking with Sisters Barden and Edwards.)  The other sisters are in a threesome, Sisters Moody, Vance, and White.  Sister Vance is also 21 and has gone to BYU for three years and I feel like she and I could get to be good friends.  The others are younger and went to UVU or SUU.  They’re all really fun.  Sister Moody is my alarm clock because I don’t have one.  It’s nice to wake up to “Good morning, sister!” and a shoulder tap.  I like her. 


So maybe that’s all the time I have and most of what I wanted to say.  I love you!  You better know that because I think about it all the time.  Why am I serving this mission? Because I love the Lord, because I want to obey, because I want to share the joy, and because I want to be better.  And all you people I adore are why I want to be better.  Thanks for teaching me so much and encouraging me always and helping me see the best in myself and giving me the support I need to do this.  I don’t think I’m one of those people who could do this without her family and friends behind her, I need you people.  So I thank my Father in Heaven every day that I have you.  I ask Him to take care of you and I ask Him to make sure you know I love you dearly.  Because I do. 


The gospel is true. I have a testimony.  Especially of prayer lately.  That’s kind of all we do here.  Pray and study and teach and plan and repeat. =)  Email me your testimonies because it’s nice to think about them when I think of you and I think of you often. Be good, be happy, be strong, be aware of God’s love for you!


all my love,

Sister Rackham


Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama and my wonderful grandmothers!  Three beautiful women in my life who have all served missions–this is becoming quite the family tradition. =)  Thank you all for having such big shoes for me to step into and such strong testimonies for me to lean on.  I love you very much! 


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