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My First Companion

May 1, 2013

Gotcha.  I’m not a real/set apart/full-time missionary yet so I don’t have a companion.  But as of two hours ago, my little sister is! So she needs a companion.  My mom and I are taking turns because we both want to be it.

So here’s to my little sister leading out and being strong and confident for both of us.  Katie and I walked home from the stake president’s office together tonight.  On our walk she told me that she’d always thought that being the leader and the first to do everything was a glamorous, fun position that she’d rather envied while we were growing up.  She understands the scary part of that responsibility now.  And I think I needed her to go first this time around so I’m glad it worked out.  Watching your little sister be brave and bear a beautiful testimony about why this is important and why we’re doing it is a powerful experience.  Add to that the fact that our little brother had his interview with the stake president right before we all came for Katie’s setting apart and I feel like I can do anything with this family behind me.

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